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ignition switch install


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I changed inner fairing today now I cannot get the switch back in properly tried everything any help out there

07 ultra classic
1. Turn the ignition KEY to unlock and leave the key inserted in lock assembly

2. Move ignition assembly to the "Off" position to unlock the forks. LEAVE THE KEY IN LOCK

3. Turn the Handlebars all the way to the right

4. With the ignition key still in the lock turn the LOCK ASSEMBLY to "Accessory"

5. Standing on the left side of the bike look at the lower left underside of the LOCK ASSEMBLY. You will see a small button in the rear left corner

6. Use a small screwdriver to depress the button and hold while pushing down on the KEY and turning it 60 degrees in the clockwise direction

7. Lift and remove knob

8. Reverse to reinstall except there is no need to depress the button
Ignition Switch

just changed my inner fairing. got the ignition switch off alright however, cannot get it back on. seems to be a bar at the bottom that prevents the switch from going on all the way.
hey Glider, got the switch out, now I cannot get it back in, looks like a bar at the bottom to the ignition hole.