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    Kinda new to this - here goes... Just finished a build I have a non EFI TC 88 w/95" BB kit running 204 cams compression is just under 10:1. 45mm Mikuni carb. Hooker 4bidden race header and an Ultima 3.35 open belt drag primary (not sure if some of this is even relevant so please bear with me) Set it up for a Crane Hi4 TC Fireball single fire ignition and the ignition I recieved was dead. Put a stock ignition module in from a 2000 dyna and it seems to work fine. I have .7ohm DYNA coils as the Crane called for 1ohm or less coils. I'm using the hard fuse set up from an old sportster wiring harness. Whenever I seem to hit the rev limiter, the ignition system shuts down - I can reach down and re-enable the ignition by switching the key off and then back on. Am I risking any damage running this way short term?? Any suggestions on a replacement ignition? IS the Crane Hi4 TC Fireball ignition a little over the top for this set up?? Maybe, I should just run a stock ignition and change the coils??

    Probably due to my knda morphadite wiring harness! ;o) I used the hard fuse setup from an older sportster harness - liked the idea of resetting fuses with the ignition switch. I have 4 - 2 10A and 2 5A. Guessing two are acc with one each for ignition and lights. Guess I'd better look up the correct fuse values for a 99 and earlier TC 88.

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