ignition Question

I got a 05 fxst its got a set of sampson street sweepers, xr forcewinder intake and has been dyno tuned to 71 hp and 81 tq I am picking up a SE ignition real cheap what can i expect to get out of installing it? I will adventually go with adjustible and head,Jugs and piston work but thats going to be awhile till i get the peices together. My plans for the near future is a andrews tw37. I believe with the cams and ignition i should feel a bit of a difference but am wondering if the ignition will make much of a difference by its self and has anyone else installed one in a stock set up thanks
Once you have it dialed in to the correct settings if it's the adjustable curve setup, you should notice much crisper throttle response and better performance overall. Don't expect miracles but it will be a noticable difference.
thanks but its a SE non adjustible for 04-06 carbed i got it on ebay for 15 dollars is it worth putting it in before the cam is installed