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Ignition Lock Removal (touring)


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YouTube - Harley Ignition switch removal from a 2009 Street Glide

1. Turn the ignition KEY to unlock and leave the key inserted in lock assembly

2. Move ignition assembly to the "Off" position to unlock the forks. LEAVE THE KEY IN LOCK

3. Turn the Handlebars all the way to the right

4. With the ignition key still in the lock turn the LOCK ASSEMBLY to "Accessory"

5. Standing on the left side of the bike look at the lower left underside of the LOCK ASSEMBLY. You will see a small button in the rear left corner

6. Use a small screwdriver to depress the button and hold while pushing down on the KEY and turning it 60 degrees in the counter clockwise direction.

7. Lift and remove knob

8. Reverse to reinstall except there is no need to depress the button

Here's another page on changing the bars which also covers the lock removal with pics too.

Console Removal

or if that doesn't work...

Handlebar Installation
re: Ignition Lock Removal

Hello, I'm new to the forums and I'm having a problem removing my console that is attached to the ignition switch. Thanks to your great instructions I was able to remove the chrome lock piece that the key fits into. Now I can't remove the piece that the lock went into so I can remove the console that has the toggle switch for the aux and spot lights on it.

So to recap I removed the chrome switch and the screws on each side of the console but the console still won't come off. It seems to be hung in the middle where the ignition block is but I can't seem to get that off. Any help or suggestions you have would be great.

Thank you
re: Ignition Lock Removal

Have you checked out this link at the bottom of the post above?

Console Removal even shows pics of how to do it on the third picture. You click NEXT at the top to advance through the pics.

as well as this one Ultra Bar Replacement - Harley Davidson Community

Please do not post the same question in more than one area.

I would strongly suggest you get the factory manual if you are going to be working on your own bike.
Re: Ignition Lock Removal

Use a 7/8 open end wrench on the flats on the nut that is below the chrome switch that you removed. Then, slide up 2 spacers below that. Lift off. Manual helps.