Idle Cable Adjustment Question

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    Hi everyone,

    I put new grips on my bike this week, and I successfully adjusted the throttle cable per the service manual. As I went to adjust the idle cable to specs, I noticed that the cable support sleeve, the slit where you can see the cable housing touch the spring, was turned to the front of the bike, and I can't see the positioning of the spring. I tried to do it by hand, but could not turn it so that I could see it. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the adjustment?

    For the record, the throttle snaps back with the bike turned left, right, and center, but would like visual accuracy as well if possible.

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    Thanks for the response Jack. On the Adjustment page, 3rd note, it says to "Turn the idle cable adjuster counterclockwise until the cable housing just touches the spring in the longer cable guide." This is the area that I'm having an issue with, as the groove in the cable where I can see the cable housing touch the spring is turned to the front of the bike, and can't tell what position it is in. Any ideas on how to get that turned the correct direction? Thanks again.
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    I cant picture that in my minds eye , I really never paid much thought to this area on a carb, Sorry,Capital Jack

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    I adjust the throttle cables visually and by sound, you can see and hear the screw contact the stop(s), and I adjust most all the slack out of the cable in the worst case turning bars lock to center to lock. It then fire up the bike verify that the RPMS do not change when turning bars lock to lock and ensure there is very little slack in the throttle cables AND the clutch cable.
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    Maybe try a dental mirror?
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    I just went and looked at my '07, and the slot faces straight forward. I have adjusted my cable a couple of times, and it seems that it is in the correct location to simultaniously adjust the cable and view the slot. Of course I have my air filter cover/housing off when I do this. The slit seems to be a cast piece and not movable.