idle adjustment for 2007 FLSTN

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by willie88, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. willie88

    willie88 New Member

    Does the FLSTN with 96" motor and fuel injection have an idle adjustment?
  2. lordharold

    lordharold Active Member

    Yes there is an adjustment but it can only be done with the use of digital tech through a dealer, but i believe it can be done also if you have a tuner on the bike.
  3. willie88

    willie88 New Member

    Thanks, it idles at 1100 rpm. would like to get it to 900. I removed the baffles from the V&H staggered SS. It has lost power and doesnt run as good as i think it should. Any adjustment for that? I don't believe it has a power/fuel pack installed.
  4. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    The ECM is programmed to idle at the factory set rpm (about 1,000). If idle speed is adjusted, the ECM will readjust it. Like previous post, the Digital Tech. can be used, but the idle speed needs to be high enough to support charging and oil pressure. You lost power can be traced to the short shots without baffles. The system needs some back pressure.
  5. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    While Evo and older models could idle slower, The Twin Cam with its oiling system and charging system should not idle this slow. You may want to add a fueler and baffles to your exhaust JMO . Check the self help section
  6. biscuit

    biscuit Junior Member

    900 is too low.I recall reading something somewhere,and some time back that about 960 RPM is as low as you should go.These engines NEED the extra RPMs to keep the oil pressure up and to maintain charging. I have a Thundermax fitted to my bike so i DO have idle adjustability;however i always keep my idle at either 992 or 1008 RPM(T/max allows adjustment increments of 16 RPM at a time)

    I see many a T/max equipped bike on Youtube idling at 700 RPM or even lower and i shudder at the possible damage these guys are doing to their motors.