Ideas for Integrating Bluetooth into Ultra Intercom

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ictdog, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I just purchased my 2007 Ultra and it came with no pigtails or headsets (the guy that traded it in did not opt for those on the original purchase). For the last few years, I have used a set of Scala Rider Q2's with fantastic results on my Electra Glide (no CB) but lost both the EG and the Q2's in my house fire.

    I now have a dilemma of trying to use the the CB/Intercom of my new Ultra and finding a way to include the Bluetooth connection of my cell during commutes. Can this be done with the HD intercom system or do I have to have 2 headsets in my helmet (one for the CB/Intercom and one for the Bluetooth)?

    Has anyone solved this issue or heard of a possible compromise between the two? I haven't bought the HD headsets yet in anticipation of finding another, possibly cheaper, solution...


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    Check J&M website, I belive they have a kit for bluetooth setup.
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    That's a question I've bee looking for an answer for since I swapped in my 07 that had the HD hands free Bluetooth module in it. Still needed the corded headset but the phone interface was great and you had full use of all the bells and whistles of the HK advanced audio system. I'm really amazed that some electronic engineer hasn't marketed one yet that interfaces with a Bluetooth headset, can do the cell phone pair up and would even allow an additional pairing to a Bluetooth GPS. If you look at the pin-out on the main plug of the HK radio, they have all the needed pins and the radio is software programmable to do just about anything. Calls to HK for advice aren't worth your dime. They seem to have washed their hands of the unit since HD bought the unit for all their touring bikes. HD had the cell phone hands-free Bluetooth module in 06 but it is now discontinued and obsolete. You cannot find a new one anywhere. Now the HD GPS/Nav module is gone too.
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    Same with the cruise control. They have discontinued them as well (04 - 07). It would seem that Harley is abandonding the ones that bought their bikes. All they care about is selling you a new bike and then discontinuing the parts within six years or less, as an incentive to purchase another newer bike.