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  1. bobwire

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    just got back from a bmw rally, yes i have friends with other bikes. anyway, they have what they call anomous book. no names just phone #s. don't know how it works, but it does.just a 3325 mi. se tx to paonia
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    We have something that may be similar to what your talking about, it's a spreadsheet that many members have signed-up to have their name put on (in fact you are on it). When you are planning a road trip, you can look up the members who lives in the vacinities you will be traveling through then PM them and let them know when you will be passing through and they will give you their phone number. In the event of an emergency, you can call them for assistance.

    This way the personal phone numbers stays annynomous on the web. I have volunteered to keep the spreadsheet up-to-date and am completely open to suggestions on how we can make this even better for our members.

    Thanks, Gauge

    below is the link to the string that has the spreadsheet.

    Stranded Biker Buster - Page 9 - Harley Davidson Community
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