IAC (Idle Air Control) replecement

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    Hello, I bought a IAC (Idle Air Control) as replacement for my FLHXI 2006. Now i am trying to get the old one out. But I cannot get the screw on the back out. Is there a special Thorx required to get this done. Anyone any idea. All help is gratefully accepted.
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    My '07 service manual states "remove two T-20 torx screws, pull IAC from bore". It also says to use new screws and o-ring when reinstalling. I hope this helps.
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    At last i succeeded in replacing the unit. It would probably not have been necessary but I already bought the new IAC unit. See Idle Air Control - Harley Davidson Community

    To remove the unit I took the following steps:
    - remove air filter and backplate
    - Remove saddle
    - (Partly) Remove gas tank (To get some free space on top of the infold
    - Loosen the top engine stabilizer link to get an angle at the torx behind the unit
    - took a torx bit T20 and put in a holder of about 2 inches. Using a wrench that fits the bit holder and get the torx out. (major poblem was to ghet at the torx behind the unit)

    The rest was simple. Hopefully this helps sometime someone.
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    Thanks for the tip. It was a real chore removing the back screw.

    Just be aware that when you remove the stabillizer linkage bolt, the engine may shift slightly. I had a heck of a time realigning the engine so that I could re-secure the bolt.
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    I removed and cleaned mine off the '03, I didn't remove anything other than the IAC itself (and, of course, the filter). For the hard to get to back screw, I used a torx from one of those multi-change bit sets, you know, the kind where you get one screwdriver handle and interchangeable bits, and just used a 1/4 box end wrench to turn it while holding the bit straight with my finger. Had it out in about ten minutes tops.
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