I wish to lower the seat height of my Bike

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by trouble magnet, Apr 2, 2011.

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    I am riding a 2006 Electraglide ultra and wish to lower the seat height but don't want to lower the frame because I don't wish to lose clearance and i have a center stand that I would need to replace. I have looked into a reach seat but not only does it drop the seat but it pushes the rider forward which I don't want. I have been told that the sundowner seat will work but haven't been able toconfirm this. Also i understand some people think it's to wide. Can anybody tell me if they have tried it on their bike and how it worked out?:34::34:
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    Welcome to the forum. Basically you can only get a seat with less padding, or it has to move you forward to get down the rear fender. The physics just don't allow for much else. You might check out BareBones seats.

    As you stated a rear lowering kit with shorter shocks etc could affect your center stand.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. If you post under the touring section you'll get more response because not everybody reads the new member thread.
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    :wce trouble magnet! Good info here!
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    Try some boots with a thicker sole on them, if you have not already. Welcome to the forum!!
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    There are also several places that will rework your stock seat with different (thiner) foam that will get you a little lower. Not an answer to your question but something else to consider.
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    Sometimes a 'seat height' problem is really a 'seat width' problem and cutting the noise of the seat will allow you to flat foot without reducing padding. I have not tried it myself but some have done this themselves with good results.

    Also, I have read that people have have good things to say about: Mean City Cycles Custom Seat Modifications :: Home

    I have had Corbins on my last two bikes Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | Cool Motorcycle Stuff since 1968 | 800-538-7035 and there is not a better saddle made IMHO. I have always bought a standard one but I understand that if you give them the make/model/year and your inseam they will make one to fit you at no additional charge. They are expensive though.