I think I owe it to myself...

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Drew, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Drew

    Drew Active Member

    ... to ride an XL1200. I went from an XL883 to a Road King. I love the King, but besides test riding a Heritage, those are the only 3 bikes I've ridden. I liked the 883, but just needed a little more umph. My only worry would be wanting to park an xl1200 in my garage next to my King, if I ever were to ride one :/

    Just thinking out loud here

    ride safe
  2. Skratch

    Skratch Active Member

    For what its worth, I love taking my XL1200 out for a spin. Fun bike. And I have no problem parking it next to my Heritage.

    In a couple years, there will be an Ultra in the collection. I figure I can easily fit 4 bikes in my garage. I plan on testing that theory!! :D
  3. hjacobson1

    hjacobson1 Active Member

    Go for it!

    Most cages today have rust proofing all over and can stand outside.

    Fill the garage with bikes!

    I'm fortunate to have 7 bikes in the garage now (not all Hd's ...yet).

    I must say that my Nightster is the bike I go for the most. Yes there is a bigger more comfortable bike available, but I really like how the Nighster is sooo smooth at 75-80. Gets there quick as well!

  4. fin_676

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    Ive got room for 4 bikes between my 2 bike sheds but keep thinking i should loose the Honda hasn't moved for 2 years
    them id have room for another Sportster

  5. cedarbrook63

    cedarbrook63 Junior Member

    It's funny yet not unexpected how more-ish these motorbikes are.
    I've been riding my XL883 for a couple of months, it's running well and more gutsy since adding SEII pipes, TFi and a new AC and in my limited perspective, it's great fun.

    BUT.... I have plans for a bigger bike next year. I plan to test ride through the family at my friendly HD dealership to get a feel for what I want.
    Right now I'm thinking Fat Bob, but who knows - maybe a RK? Or maybe a Softail?

    Kid in a sweet shop :D.

    By the way, the initial plan of trading in the Sporty is put aside. I'm very attached to it already tho' I might get it converted to 1200cc in time. I've come to believe bikes are social creatures and pine when alone for any length of time. Some company in the garage is called for :D. Better start saving then.....