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I need new Boots !


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Word, boots are an essential part of riding. I have two pairs of Harley Davidson boots, an ankle high with big cleats and quick lace and a pair of high tops with the eagle embroidery on the front. I’ve about worn them out and honestly have not been impressed with either pair. The high tops have icy slick bottoms and the ankle highs have had the quick lace hooks pull out. I ride a lot with my Doc Martens. Good looks, last forever and the bottoms stick to pavement like a monkey with superglue. I’ve seen the new Ariat boot with the foot peg grip on the bottom and am considering them or a new pair of Doc Marten mid height boots. Anyone out there try the new Ariat and how they grip pavement or suggestions on perhaps a boot that feel is the cat’s meow ? So far my 130 bucks on the Martens.
I bought my HD boots at the dealer...ankle high with quick laces.

I bought them for style not comfort, but after 3 yrs, they turned out to be the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Was I surprised.

Would I buy them again ? You bet.

I also owned a 2 pair's of leather Doc's and they did not have the same comfort as my HD boots.

Its all about personnel preference.
They look like a great all weather boot..Hobbit

My problem is my huge calves. I would need a size 15 boot.
I get no pleasure from pouring a cup of water out of my boot while caught in a rain storm.

Speaking only for myself , riding boots are a compromize and the HD boots work for me even after a good soak.
Comfort is a given, we got to have boots that fit and feel good all day long. What has had happen is my foot placement at a red light be in oil, water or other road crud and you slip out a little. Traction is high on my list and frankly both my Harley boots lacked in that area. Ariat's new boot looks good but it may be slick as ice on the road, who knows. I've never heard of Hein Greicke boots,, so maybe I'll check them out.
Sure it's a persoanl choice in the end,, but if you hear from a host of people saying this boot is slick,, falls apart ect,, then we are further enlightened. Seach continues.
Hehe Smitty, my boss buys my boots too! Different bosses though, I like my Vasque hiking boots, 3/4 steel shank, ankle high, good traction, water proof, and not to mention, they are like putting on a pair of comfy tennis shoes. Oh yeah, I get 'em cheap.....the company pays half. But they do work well on the bike.
Three inches of snow and rising. I flew to Florida and bought my current bike from some millionaire where it sat in a polished floor garage and the gardener wiped the bike with a diaper, so Seabiscuit has never seen snow and refuses to come out of the shed. Perhaps next week the weather will allow some riding.
just got my first pair of harley riding boots , wife got them off the net NIB from a sight called Grapevinehill. they got all kind of big name boots and shoes at about a 50% price , the boots she got me i saw @ the dealership for 129.99 and she got them for 70 bucks . she found the sight looking on ebay , they got about everything