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I need help learning about this model


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My father-in-law recently passed away. He was a huge Harley, Indian and Matchless motrcycle fan. Over the years he has restored several bikes to original.

He willed to my wife and I his prize possession: a 1977 ASVE Sportster. While I truly admire Harleys, I know very little about them. Especially something as nice as this bike. I would like to show this bike.

Can anyone tell me aout this model? Can anyone point me in a direction to get more information about this model?


Without seeing the bike or knowing more about it all I could offer is to suggest you look toward finding a specialist in your area on Ironhead's etc....the older sporster motors were, from a Techo's point of veiw difficult to work with....In that I'm not knocking older bikes...I own 3 shovelheads's just that everyone's had a finger in them and it's hard to get them sorted correctly....

Give me a few days and I'll talk to some people and see if I can throw some light on a local boy for you...