I need a new seat....

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by mvd00024, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I would like some feed back on a new seat for my new bike. I have a new 2011 Heritage Softail and would like to hear from you guys about seats you have......I will be riding two-up and some long trips at times, :D:D:D Thanks,
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    Ditto & ditto - MCC does an awesome job & at less tha 1/2 price of new. I like the looks of a stock Stret Glide seat so didn't really want to buy aftermarket. I believe I first read a post from smitty who recommended them & the rest is rear comfort history...:D
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    my vote goes to Lepera, really helped with my back problem and the wife loves it, made riding much more comfortable
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    I have a mustang seat and am really happy with it. Seems to stay comfortable on long trips. Seats are a very personal thing and you are going to get alot of different opinions on which is best.
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    I agree with Dswartz and will give you my opinion of the seats I have tried.

    I had no issue with the stock seat but my better half wanted something more comfortable so we opted to try the HD Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat. This seat turned out to be very comfortable for the both of us.

    Sundowner Classic Models | Harley-Davidson USA

    Second seat was the Signature Series Seat with Rider Backrest. The ONLY thing I liked about this seat was the backrest. Neither myself or my better half thought this seat was as comfortable as the Sundowner Seat so thats what we went back to using.

    Signature Series Seat with Rider Backrest - FLSTC Styling with Studs | Harley-Davidson USA

    Aside form that, if sweating is an issue for you I would highly recommend getting a set of Beadriders. These are a big an improvement for me in keeping dry as well as being very comfortable on long rides.

    BeadRider - Beaded Motorcycle Seats

    This is what works for us :D
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    I also have a Mustang seat and I love it. They have a video of the manufacturing process very impressive. ( I think I saw it through Cruiser Customizing's Web site) If you have the chance to compare this to the stock seat it is a no brainer. Mustang has a steel pan instead of plastic or fiberglass also check out the rivets on mustang as compared to staples on all Harley seats. They also manufacture their own foam used in the seats.
    They have been doing this a very long time and do it very well. You do get what you pay for and this has been one of the best investments I have mde in my bike. This allstarted with my wifes discomfort and she loves this new seat. I hope the new Kuryakyn Air Master Deluxe fairing I am waiting for is as good a product as this seat.
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    +1 on the Sundowner.
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    I would get the beads first and try them with the stock seat. You might be surprised at the difference. I have them on my stock Fat Boy seat and couldn't be happier. For $60-$90 for the set depending on which style you choose it would definitely be worth a try. They have many benefits. Besides comfort they will also keep you from getting Monkey Bottom. :small3d031:
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    Thank you for the Info and the Sights you sent me to look at :D ....Thanks to everyone for your input .....May God Bless :)