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I like to ride alone


I have had 2 Harley's, bought this one nearly 2 years ago now.
Im getting on a bit and love speed, however 2 collapsed disks in my neck stopped me riding sports bikes, so now I have had to slow down a bit.
The new breed of fuel injected Harley needs to be ridden to be believed. I will take on most bikes from a standing start, the only trouble is after 60 mph they have caught up and start to pass me. Thats OK I was starting to slow down any way!
I can't be doing with the HOG members Sunday rides, over here, the look like a band of boy scouts and only drink tea and pop on their ride outs.
I ride alone and love it! occasionally some close friends do join me, but lets face it when your on a bike you don't talk to other people while your riding do you?
Personally, I want to go where I want to go, I want to stop when I want to stop and when I've had enough I head for the nearest pub or I park up at home and have several beers at the local!
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I to enjoy riding alone so I can come and go where and when I want. Once in awhile I'll ride with a group and end up spending as much time sitting and drinking as ridring. And I really don't understand when they say they love to ride , why are they always in such a hurry to get the ride over. While its fun to go fast sometimes and I understad that when your on a freeway it kind out of your controll how fast or slow you can go and try to keep your saftey zone. But When I'm riding on some nice backroads I like keep it a little slower and enjoy the ride and the sceanery. And some times I just like to pull over,take a little break and enjoy a nice veiw.
I love riding alone or just with my s/o. I used to ride with a group but I get bored easily. Now I go out and ride till my butt hurts, take a little break, and ride some more. But to each his/her own. Riding with a select friend(s) is cool too especially when you have similar agenda's all revolving around having a great time. :bigsmiley22:
I usually ride solo with my SH, (Sweetheart) or my two brothers. The only thing I have a problem with is when I get to where I want to be it always seems everyone else has the same idea. Who would figure a small town like Sturgis would be busy.
Any opportunity to ride is good for me. A few friends, group or event ride is always fun but I enjoy a long winding road ride with the wife on back for getting the most out of it. When I head south and tackle the Dragon “Deal’s Gap”, I am solid in the groove on the 318 curves in 11 mile stretch all alone and loving it. I think my biggest gripe with event rides is the speed. Poking about right in the middle of forth and fifth gear,, too slow for one, a little fast for the other and it’s always a none Harley leading so they have no concept of our gear ratios. Still, if there is a ride out there, be it alone or hundreds, I’m there
Hobbit, I am flying to Phoenix this Saturday to pick-up an 08 Heritage Softail. Do you have any tips on changing the oil? I will be learning how to do my own maintenance and have ordered a DVD on Softail's maintenance but it hasn't gotten here yet.