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I have such a bad cough

English Mike

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Whilst out the other day on my gleaming softail I developed a cough, no matter how hard I tried it just would not stop, I couldn't concentrate properly "cough cough" every few seconds, I stopped at the pharmacy and bought the best cough medicine I could find; but still I coughed, my tummy was so sore, mt ribs, my throat, but the weather was beautiful and I wanted to ride some more.

Ah ha! just around the next corner was a group of bikers, many choppers, low riders etc, some really big (really big) guys, so I thought what the heck, "cough cough, how are you all?"

"OK mate" replied the big guy, he musta bin 7 ft tall and nearly as wide! "cough cough" I continued..."Was up mate? that a bad cough you got"

"Yes, I just can't get rid of it!"

"Ere" said the big fella, "take these"...Now I be a bit concerned been given a pill by these chaps (as nice as they were) so I read the label, "LAXATIVES"???!!!£$%

"Why have you given me laxatives "?(cough cough) "I have a cough for god's sake"

"Yeh well, take 6 of those mate and you'll be to bloody frightened to cough anymore":26: