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i hate harley davidsons buyers!!!!


i am so dang mad!!!!

when it comes to boots (harley)they have stopped making my fav. boot twice but they come out with 30 new pr of spaceman looking boots with 50 buckles:bigsmiley19::bigsmiley19:
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Re: i am so dang mad!!!!

If you want a good motorcycle you buy a bike from someone who makes good bikes. If you want a good boot, why not buy from a company that specializes in making boots.??
All I know is the pair that I got, though they are HD boots, I got them at a discount shoe store, and I know I paid WAY less then they usually cost.

Bought my H D boots in Topeka,Ks. at a place called Vanderbuilts --- paid 30% less for the SAME boot they had at the local H D dealer!!!!!!
foundry [burner's/welders] boots were, and still are, my boot of choice. No silly prices, they do the job just right, and now with another gimpy leg, they're easy and less painful to get on and off :s

Doc Martins and Daytons are good riding boots also. But the heavy leather bothers some people.
I wear Harley boots.
The HD boots have proven to be good quality.

I DO NOT recommend buying them through a dealer.
The local sporting good stores carry HD boots.
Some even have a better selection than the HD dealers.
ALL, however, have better prices.

If you are going to buy online...the only drawback is having to return the boots if they don't fit properly.
Try the same style of boot at your local HD Boot retailer or HD dealer. Find what size it is FIRST, then order that style/size from the web. That should help minimize a need for returns.
I got mine online Dingo style Harley logo on front very nice boots for the price around 100.00 bucks. Leatherup nice selection