I don't like the Wide Glide!!!!

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by ugocon, May 11, 2010.

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  1. ugocon

    ugocon Active Member

    I'm sorry if I'm hurting someone's feelings...

    ...but I just don't like the FXWDG 2010!!!!

    I've been meditating this for months and the more I look at pictures of this bike the more I find it simply... ugly!

    Can't say what exactly is: the thin front wheel, the almost insignificant sissy bar, the abortion of a pillion, the exhaust pipes, the handle bar....

    Maybe none of them, but the overall visual effect!

    It seems a "wannabe" bike, but it's simply... nothing!

    The "old" one looks much better: more personality.

    It's a marketing product clearly created with money savings in mind.

    Nothing personal, obviously, but I just had to say it: I don't like the Wide Glide!

    For those who agree with me, please help me to understand what's wrong with this bike.

    For those who don't agree with me (the owners for sure...), please bring facts and points of view to share about the good things of this bike.

    Thank you and ciao

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I have never liked the wide-glide (any year)... My choice was a FXDS model 2000 I kept it for years because the Newer bikes Looks seemed to go down hill from there. This removed That removed , stationary wind screens etc..

    The wide glide was Loved by many and still is.. I just can't figure Why All riders Don't feel the way i do about the wide-glide.. answer: It Is a Personal Choice!
    "that is the answer"

    I also wondered "Why" the wide-glide never came out with dual disc. brakes.

    (#1)I was told that the front end was Weak and would not support the double brakes..

    (#2)Others said it was just for the Looks...

    (#3) it Cost Less to have a single brake, saving HD$$

    I would bet on #3...

    I have a 06 carbed sport roadster when i want my cap on backwards,
    a 09 FLHR for the fun/travel.

  3. bwalsh22

    bwalsh22 Junior Member

    I don't have one, but I really like it. Just personal taste I guess. I like the front wheel the way it, really like the darker look to the new one...

    I am sure each of us has those one or 2 bikes that they really do not like, of the Dynas, for me I am not a big fan of the Super Glide, probably just too basic for me when it is stock. If I were to get another one though I would be torn between the Fat Bob and the Wide Glide.

    Just my opinion, and of course I respect those too that do not like it. Many do not like my bike, but it is mine for that reason...
  4. rhino

    rhino Banned

    for me its not that i dont like the bike. it just seems its not a continuance of the wide glide line. i have always loved the lines and curves of the wide glide and dyna wide glide. this one is too radical a departure from that. it is a nice bike but should have a new name to go with the new styling, maybe a wide bob or something.
  5. threesteps

    threesteps Junior Member

    Different kind of thread. Not sure of the point. I would bet most of us could name a model of HD's we don't like. Gotta admit I've never had the urge to tell someone else I don't like the bike they ride???

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    Different Yes,
    I would be careful to tell "some one" I didn't like the bike "They" ride.
    I use Me and I and not They.

    The posting has been fair IMO and not trashing the riders of the bike..

    I don't feel any one has said I don't like your bike you ride.

    I see this thread as a Good "give and take" and maybe it can change my views by others who point things out..

    I was interested in the 3 points I put out about the brakes. Many models and many reasons and I like other points of view.

    I feel that it is personal Why you ride a make model and learning feelings from others Interesting..

    Lets see how this thread plays out... I'm sure if it gets out of hand the right people will let us know.. Thanks to all here.

    different strokes for different folks

  7. cromedome

    cromedome Active Member

    Kind of like telling a guy his wife/girlfriend is fat or ugly...but thats the nice thing about Harleys (and women) there is a model/type to suit most everyone...
  8. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    The Wide Glide was a good choice for those who wanted more than a plain jane Superglide but the FXR what a bike that was
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  9. Spade5

    Spade5 Active Member

    Rhino pretty much said it the way I would. I don't dislike it but the styling just isn't for me. Personally I see it with a wider front tire but it probably wouldn't handle well with with the extra rake.

    I know it sounds corny but HD said they were going to discontinue the Wide Glide in 07 then they made the 08 Anniversary edition. I really think they should have called the new model something else rather than trying to attach it to the legacy of the older models. Let it stand on its own and see how things work out.

    To each his own.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Whoa, that was a mighty powerful statement, Cromedome, be careful out there...! :D

    I think I'll have another brew and burn off a few more brain cells, so I dont have to think about comparing different models of a good thing (Harleys or women) :newsmile100:
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