I Could Be I Serious Trouble

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by HDDon, Apr 18, 2010.

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    Last weekend I took a ride south to Crystal River and stopped at the local dealer. Right inside the door was a new "48". I've never looked at a Sportster, not because there not a good and fast ride, just never saw one that caught my eye. That is untill I saw the 48. To make matters worse the friendly salesman opened the front door and told me that even the staff had not ridden the bike and that he wanted my take on this pocket rocket. I''ve got room in the garage, I just can't come up with an excuse for a third Harley. Maybe I can convince my wife that at 5'2" this bike was made for her.:newsmile100::newsmile100:
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    I looked at one on Friday, like you I would love to add another bike to the stable. It is much nicer in person than on the web and it was awesome on there.
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    Its only money come on guys you have a soft spot for this little gem
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    I'm afraid if I buy it I'll have a soft spot in my head from where the wife clubs me.:newsmile100:
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    Got to lover cant kill her LOL

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    What is all the brew-ha-ha all about...small tank and odd mirror placement and 130x90x16 front tyre I think it was notwithstanding...here it is:


    Like most have said, it sure felt good, has that nice retro look and feel and notice that front fork has a fork brace as standard...makes you realize that extra meat up front probably will make the rider WANT to push the limits. Sorry, had problems with the pic.
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    I haven't seen one, anyone care to post a picture? Thanks