I can not relate to today's youth

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    Today while gassing up my 2010 FLHX this car pulls up right in front of me and a young guy gets out and starts pumping gas into his car. His friend gets out and stands next to his buddy's trunk and he lights a cigarette Not FIVE FEET from my bike and gas hose !

    So I asked him to please move away from the vehicles while we're pumping gasoline. He gives me this look and ignores me. I stop pumping gas and started to walk towards him. He leaves and moves about 10 feet away but says to his buddy..."Looks like the Harley Dude has a problem." I know it's impossible to explain the reasons for my concern I mean how could he possibly know anything about fumes and combustion, Heck he's only 20 or so.

    Then the other guy says to me, "I see your all dressed up in your Harley uniform and feeling tough."

    OK, that did it. Pump off, hose back, cap on.. At this point my wife gives me that "oh no " look. But, I just got up close and said to the little ingrate,

    "Yes, I guess this is a uniform but I'm used to wearing uniforms you see, I wore my first one when I made the commitment to play on the little league team and I completed that commitment. I wore the second one when I made the commitment to represent my high school on their athletic fields and I completed that commitment too. I wore the third one for four years while I served my country and I wore the fourth one for 30 years while I served my community. Now Mister...why don't you tell me just what is it that you've done for anyone other than yourself." I felt my wife tugging on my arm and agreed that it was time for me to just get on the bike and go.

    I thought I made a reasonable point...but as we left I saw the cigarette boy just flip me off as he got back in the car. I just can't relate. My wife says I take it all to personal and I guess she's right.

    So, for all of today's youth that has made a commitment to serve in whatever capacity, this old man says thank you. I miss being around those types.
    Ok, I'm done. Sorry but I just had to vent and my poor wife has heard it all before.
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    well im 23! Ive been in the Army national guard for almost 6 yrs. A cop in Mid illinois for almost 2 but I know what you mean!!
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    As my Dad used to say:"Son, one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch"..There are idiots in all walks of life, and they come in every assortment of age grouping, socio-economic group, etc.. I spent time defending this great country of ours, and 31 years in law enforcement. Met all kinds of folks, some when life had brought out their worst. But through it all, for every jerkomo teenager I ran into, I'd meet ten that were decent kids. You just happen to snag two genius' who missed the science class on hydrocarbon combustion.....
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    robermv32, Let me be the 1st to say thank you for any and all of your services.Todays youth can try even the most understanding of men.And whats up with the pants hanging midwaist?

    That said roberm, I apreciate the rant as Id be right there with you.Ive found a polite "can you move away from the pump" to work pretty well.

    Of course about a month ago I was grinding a weld and my cart went off!Had a firecracker pack on hand as the guys like to joke around in the shop.Some sparks went into the drawer and off it went.Soulda seen the smoke coming outta that tool cart.

    In the end thats all it takes is a stray spark when fueling up.
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    As an educator I see all kinds of good and bad kids. However, the thing that bugs me the most is when a parent makes excuses for thie child's behavior and somehow turns it back on you. They do their children a disservice because they don't learn from their mistakes and feel entitled.
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    I believe that the parents are to blame about 90% of the time. I have a 16 yr old son and when his friends come over they automatically call me by my first name. Parents are responsible to teach their children respect for adults and everyone else. These kids feel that their respect must be earned and they are equal to adults. I think it all boils down to parents wanting to be their childrens "friends" first and parents second.
  7. poohbear

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    I also believe that the parents are most of the blame but I also believe most of the kids would not do something if their parent were there. Most of them are trying to be "better" then there friends, but those are the ones that would leave if something happen...JMO
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    Absolutley starts at home

    Today I had to stop in the middle of a block to let a parent cross with 2 little ones in tow. I couldn't help myself and said "good work, teach them when their young about jay walking" He told me something about sex and travel and continued on. When the kids see that their own parents don't think, then they perceive this act to be ok. This holds true for almost every other action/reaction the child see's from their parents. After that, and after a few years, the child turns into an adult and Darwin's theory comes into play or they hurt someone else.
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    All to many kids now a days think they are owed something...mostly by the goverment... I don't get it.
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    I think you handled it well... I noticed the "Little Youth" flashed you his IQ while retreating... Coward.