Hydraulic tensioners + silent chains

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    G'day all,

    Just want to ask the question,
    "Is anyone running silent chains with the hydraulic upgrade kits and what is the wear like on the new tensioner shoes ?"
    Just checked my spring early type tensioners and I was surprised, primary about 0.5 mm and the secondary about 1 mm after 53000 klms.
    I have already got AP TW 50 cams in the old girl and I am not really keen on upgrading the cam to either the new roller type or gear drive type.
    Maybe in the future I will go to AP 55 gear drive cams but they need "High Lift Valve Spring" and if the heads need to be removed to change the valves springs then I will get some worked over heads.

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    when you do the harley change over u reuse the rear cam chain so no need to change the cams and the front is the new chain ..
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    As Bud said above, the HD roller chain conversion only provides the front roller chain and sprocket. But it does include the hydraulic tensioners and the upgraded pump. For folks wanting to eliminate the spring-loaded tensioners, but NOT replacing the cam shafts, this is a good option.

    Check this:

    Roller Chain Conversion white paper

    Roller-chain Conversion - Harley Davidson Community

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    Thanks for your replies Tquentin1 and Bud, and I have read your paper on the 3 options TQ about about 100 times and I have also seen photo shots of the new hydraulic shoes comming apart. So I was just chasing info on the wear rates of the new shoes because if the silent chains and the new shoes are not going to like each other maybe I should just bit the bullet and go gear drives with Feuling oil pump.
    My bike was built in 10/98 so it's a 99 modle and it needs to retain the camshaft position sensor on the primary cam chain sprocket so therefor I cant go the roller chain.:(
    Might have to contact AP to see if they do roller chain rear sprockets with the position sensor.
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    Yes they do. From Andrews website.

    Eliminate old style chain adjusters!
    Conversion camshaft kits fit all 99-2006*
    twin cam engines. (New ‘07 chain adjusters
    operate with engine oil pressure to
    maintain proper cam chain tension).
    Andrews Products conversion cam kits
    are available complete with all necessary
    parts as shown in picture. Kits include
    new HD high capacity ‘07 style oil pump
    and matching cam support plate!
    *For 2006, only Dyna Glide engines were made
    with new hydraulic roller chain cam adjusters!
    Conversion cam kits are complete as
    shown. All necessary parts are included.
    Rear cam bearing diameter on conversion
    cams = .875”
    Stock HD camshafts cannot be used for
    roller chain conversions!
    1999-2001 kit:......... Part# 288999
    2002-2006 kit:......... Part# 288902
    NOTE: “N” cams cannot be installed with
    early Screaming Eagle cam support plate
    (HD part # 25284-08)!

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    Here is a pic of my rear Hyd. tensioner from a upgrade kit. I inst the kit without replacing the rear silent chain that already had 35k miles on it. The chain lasted another 35k before failing. When i removed the chain the links were stiff and kinked. So if you do install this kit get a new rear chain as it does not come in the kit. 85.00 is good insurance it will last longer.

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