Hydraulic Tensioners mileage

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  1. lordharold

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    I am a service tech of about 4 years now and getting quite a few cam tensioners through the shop now. The spring loaded I have changed have been around the 30k area. just wanting to know If any one with the hydraulic type have checked theirs and what kind of mileage and what they have found. I know they should last longer. just wanting to get some feed back. Thanks!:bigsmiley12:
  2. navyman

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    Mine were checked at 70,000 miles on my '08 Ultra and they were fine.
  3. martillo

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    2004 Road King Custom, changed mine at 25000 miles, but old tensioners were fine when swapped out
  4. Bodeen

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    Checked my 2003 at 22K miles and they looked brand new. Will check again soon.
  5. jigglestick

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    I have 72,000 miles on my '03 Roadking (Fuel Inj.) I checked my spring tensioners last fall. (60,000 miles?) They were worn by only maybe a 16th of an inch. Now I realize that you were asking about hydraulic tensioners but since you are a tech, I have a question for you.

    I have developed a knock that is very noticeable at idle. Just a steady, fast knock. There is no effect on the performance of the bike. It is all stock and runs great. Hard to tell if there is a change once you are moving what with all the exhaust and wind noise. But my question is, If the tensioners are bad, would they knock like that? Just looking for a place to start. Thought maybe cam-bearings too. I took the stethoscope to search for it and it is just as loud down by the cams as it is at the top of the front cylinder. (It isn't very loud anywhere near the rear cylinder.) It is just as loud on the primary side also. I thought easiest first right? This weekend I was going to remove the primary cover and see if anything is going on with the sliding cam on the engine compensating sprocket. Was thinking that if that sprocket nut were loose, that sliding cam would be knocking around.

    Just fishing for now. Going to try to get after it somewhat this weekend. Have you had a common problem that sounds like this that you have seen? Spring tensioners do that after they've gone? Do my thoughts seem reasonable?
  6. lordharold

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    Well the compensator can when loose make a knocking or thumping sound. Now your tensioners are they actually the originals or have they been replaced before I would hope that they have been, even if they have been replaced before, you are still within range again to have them done if they are spring loaded. you mentioned they were showing about a 1/16 inch wear was that both. The secondary tensioner in the rear usually has a lot more wear than the front. I would probably check them again and would not ride the ol girl till you do.
  7. Redfish-Joe

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    Changed cams in an 08 with 50k on it. Inside shoe had minimal wear. Just able to see where the chain ran. Outside no wear.

    My 11 Road Glide @ 20+k when I changed my cams...no wear.