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Hydralic tensioner vs gear drive


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Hey everybody, I'm the new guy and this is my first post, I hope it hasn't been gone over a million times before.I have an 03 SuperGlide with 15000 mi.,I run Amsoil in it and have no issues with it, it runs great with no noises, but I'm aware of the talk about cam chain tensioners becoming a problem on some bikes so my question is would upgrading to the newer,07 and up, Hydralic cam chain tensioner with the roller chain and better flowing oil pump be a good alternative to a gear drive system?
now if your looking for power the geardrive has no slop to it where a chain has slack so when you hit full throttle taking off a start it will give you instant power where a chain won't. i think that was left out and if your looking to upgrade to bigger cams etc. in the future now would be the time to do it because kits come with cams and geardrive options.
Twin 88 Gear Drive Camshafts
heres your proof
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Thanks for the replys, what I'll probably do is take off the cover and look at the outside tensioner pad and if it's alright wait a while as I have 15000 mi. and can probably safely double that if it's still good with the mi. I have on it. If it's ugly I'll check pinion runout, and if that is .002 or less go with a gear drive,if it's .003 or more go with the updated chain system and put 100,000 more mi. on it then have the flywheels trued and build a stock stroke 113" with head work gear drive etc. for a 150 horse bad ass.
You should look at the rear tensioner too while you have it opened up. You can see it with a small dental mirror if you stand on your head with your mouth twisted in a shape like an "S". :D

Trying to say it's possible, just not easy.

There doesn't seem to be any pattern for which wears faster but worth a look in any event as long as it's opened up already.
I appologize i thought i posted this once already but i don't see it
here's the link to your proof
Twin 88 Gear Drive Camshafts
I run andrews cams in my scoot and i have hardly any noise and remeber just like the article states i have no tensioner to replace. when your talking hp its not cheap so an additional 4hp is a difference
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