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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by crazyanimal, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. crazyanimal

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    Hubby has an 2007 1200 sportster with V&H Short shots, stage 1 K&N breather. The bike is popping sometimes. We've been trying to do research on what to do next with it. It has been downloaded.

    Now our issue is our conversion on fuel pack, tuner or power commander. What is the difference, what would be more bang for his buck??

    We were also wondering what the difference is between download, mapping and being dyno'd?? We've had many techies use those phrases. Are they something different or is each one different??
  2. glider

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    It depends on where you are going to get the work done if you don't do it yourself.

    For a street ridden bike, dyno tuning is a bit excessive and I prefer the TFI for tuning in the fuel better than just the download that is still EPA lean.

    Check out this forum for explanations on the different tuners and how they operate.

    The TFI I mentioned is an easy install and setup over the otyher units and can be done by just about anyone without any dyno time and comes in a lot less expensive in the long run.
    There's links in this forum on how to use it and a discount link also.

    Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related - Harley Davidson Community

    The dealer download changes the parameters of the stock map in the ECM where the TFI and some other tuners will alter the pulse width of the injectors after the ECM and add more fuel according to the way it is set.
    I run the TFI on my RK and it works well. No dyno time, no mapping just a simple adjustment like tuning a carb model.
  3. crazyanimal

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    Thank you, I will pass this along to hubby and let him read up on it. We will probably take it to the dealer to have it installed. I am more of the mechanic in the home then him. LOL
  4. glider

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    Believe me when I say that you can do the installation yourself. Its easy.:D
  5. ultrat

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    crazy,,, it is easy to install & adjust.......i did it & i am all thumbs......+ its fun to work on your bike.......
  6. HDDon

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    If Glider has enough confidence in your ability you need to give it a try. Many on the forum have used this fuel modifer and have nothing bu good things to say about installing and running it. Working on the bike yourself not only saves money but brings real satisfaction. JMO
  7. Iceman24

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    Also, along w/glider's advice on installing, you have control of the location, quality & tunability for future upgrades. Seriously look into the Dobeck product &'ll be pleased!
  8. Breeze3at

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    Think how cool it will be if you install it yourself. Then you can secretly hang out here and solve all of his maintenance and repair needs. :D
    Most men brag how well their wife can cook, that's only cuz they can't brag how good she can wrench.:27:

    P.S. If you or husband has military service, Doebeck gives a nice discount for the TFI.