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How To Trailer Your Bike


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At some point, whether you're traveling cross-country, moving, or taking your bike for extensive service, you'll have to tow it instead of riding it. Here are some important tips to help you trailer your bike safely.

1. Tie down securely. That means securing the bike so it moves very little if at all. Shaking the secured bike should shake the entire trailer.

2. Attach tie-down straps to a secure area on the motorcycle frame – and try not to tie down using the handlebars or bag guards or mounts. Find a secure area on the frame where you won't damage the bike or the finish.

3. Tie-down straps should form a secure 45-degree angle between the bike and the bed of the trailer. If transporting more than one bike, look into bracket extensions that allow the proper angle on the outside tie-downs. On some trailers, reversing one bike will make it easier to fit both.

4. Secure the front wheel with chocks or other restraints so that it cannot roll in any direction or turn from side to side.

5. Never cover your bike when towing on a trailer. It can damage your paint job.

6. Don't skimp on the tie downs. Repairing or replacing your bike is infinitely more costly!

7. And lastly, try to block up under the frame so that your suspension is not taking the full load (fully compressed) , then tighten down the straps until the frame bottoms out on the blocks, a piece of carpet here between the frame and block will prevent scuffing of the frame.

Here's a video that will show the technique for loading and unloading the bike.

YouTube - Bike Loading

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