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    just picked up a theft recovery rk, it had hooker duels but stock ac, i put a thunder header, big sucker ac and a pciii, one of the options on the map was stage 1 or stock i put stock but really dont know, bike doesnt seem to be running right poping out the efi and feels slugish from a stop even idles rough, was expecting some added hp but its not there, i picked a map that called for a thunderheader 2 into 1 and a screaming eagle ac, arnt screaming eagle and big sucker about the same ? do i need to find out if my bike has the stage one download or does it matter? also bike hesitated on me twice today like it was running out of gas, but tank was half full. any feed back would be helpfull
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    Probably do need the Stage 1 since you have changed out the AC from stock. Since previous owner had only done exhaust, may not have done Stage 1 dl. You would have to take the bike to HD for them to read the ECU to tell for sure. I suggest just experimenting with the PCIII and see what works best.

    The popping/hesitation etc. at half a tank can mean the infamous holes in the fuel tubes in the tank. See here:

    Engine Dies And Runs In Spurts - Harley Davidson Community

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    Would it run better or even worse if you disconnected the PCIII. It could be a bad one or just the wrong map.