How to: Rid "face air" , using deflection on 09 flhr

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    A COLD DAY and an EARLY start, about 45*or BELOW, the wind picks up from around the front of bike, IS IT from under the gas tank area or around the wind screen???

    where is ALL that air coming from..

    I feel it from around the tank, flowing UP and I'll place my left hand out below my chin to deflect the cool air, but that is a lot of work to keep the face warm...

    There are probably many riders out there who have SOLVED this problem and I would like to HEAR from them..... ? which deflectors work the best and DON'T harm the engine AIR FLOW is another concern...

    I have a grey/white beard and after a ride on my roads, I see a lot of color change(BLACK) because of ALL the air flow hitting me and the DIRTY remnants accumulating ON FACE AREA..,,,,, CAN'T be GOOD for the lungs either....

    A ?? deflector,(minimum size preferred) should help KEEP most of the road grime from the face and accomplishing BOTH, a WARMER, CLEANER RIDE...

    THANKS for the HELP..

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  2. ultrat

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    I use the fork leg deflectors. I felt the air to. ride any temp, streets / ice permiting..BIG help...
  3. marty

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    i put air baffle under triple trees that stopped the air from coming between tank and forks next going to put recurve shield on don't like tall shield and i think mine shield is 9 or 10 so i can put triple bag on dash without it hanging out in the corners

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Stopped by a local dealer today and TRIED to REMEMBER how the AIR FELT before I put the little under-behind fork air cupped diverter...."SAID TO BE" The one that USED TO COME STOCK on the bikes in the OLD days..

    Asking the parts guy about it , HIM saying that an HD rep.(long ago??) told him that HD removed it from being STANDARD on some bikes because it diverted TOO much AIR away from the top of the HEADS....

    NOTING ,,,,, that was on the smaller PAST engines and NOT the NOW way TOO HOT 96" bikes of today..

    i installed the little bugger and TRIED to remember JUST how much air I really noticed on the ride in, and what was the DIFFERENCE than before...

    I think the air flow is a bit DIFFERENT as I don't feel it UP IN my eyes as before but I still have a BUNCH of air coming around the gas tank sides and UP UNDER MY CHIN but I would have to say NOT AS HIGH UP ON MY FACE as BEFORE....

    Only by TRYING it for a while THEN removing it and do the SAME ride from my shop will I be able to tell the difference...

    I will report back by saturday, THE NEXT FULL SUNNY 65+ DAY and see IF THERE IS A air flow difference..

    Glider has something installed on OUR LOOK-ALIKE BIKE and MAYBE HE will chime in here..

    SMITTY, the air problem is coming UP around the gas tank ,, UP into my face...I don't have any problems with my leg area and never too much air there...
    BUT are you saying the SOFT LOWERS will help on the face area??
    I would give them a try if so....


  5. Breeze3at

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    Bubbie; I have every air diverter on my Electra Glide that I know of. Fork air deflectors (long chrome things), fork air baffle like you just put on, air wings on bottom of my fairing, and SOFT LOWERS. Everything helped, but the soft lowers is what eliminated almost all of the air in my face. My problem was with the fine mist covering my glasses when raining. With the soft lowers and a lower than standard windshield, I get very little mist on my glasses. One ez way to tell if lowers will help is to hold your forearm horizontal across your chest area (move it in/out, up/down some). If you notice a decrease in air, lowers will help. Or you can get a special vest a guy makes that has flaps that open at speed. My soft lowers are about the best $45 I've spent. Easy on/off, and I don't mind the looks at all.
    Keep that beard clean Bubbie. :newsmile108:

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    YEAH,,,,,, I know all this after riding for over 50 years MUST SEAM STRANGE to the many riders out there... The AIR into FACE on my new 09FLHR is a lot MORE than on my old dyna(gone) or my 2006 sport....

    I have always used wind screens and have ADJUSTED to the air around them... BUT on the 09 probably of the difference in DESIGN n SHAPE.... I get MORE AIR under the face.... upward and bothering. whether being cold or hot out...

    YOU are SPOT ON with MY hand out RIGHT below my chin,,, that diverts the BAD flow I'm trying to get rid of.......
    I WILL TRY THE LOWERS and Smitty also suggested them...

    I INVENTED the flap out on the vest or jacket IN MY MIND many years ago!!! Just never thought it practical enough to pursue it... MUST OF MADE SOMEONE MILLIONS hahaha

    It isn't the DIRT in the BEARD as that keeps the little critters company in there....... BEING HEALTHY YET and getting to a point that I don't want the ADDED dirt in my lungs that the NEW bike gives to MY OLD lungs... as
    I CAN WASH THE BEARD OUT once a year or so but LUNGS ???

    THANKS for the HELP on my AIR problem and i will take the advice and USE IT...

    signed old dirty face....BUBBIE

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I will get a set of soft lowers... like the idea IF ONLY for a trip out to have along.

    I wondered if LENGTHENING out on the frame had anything to do with the wind up problem I am having?
    The 08's had a shorter frame and the 09 bikes are a bit longer.

    I haven't ridden that many 08 bikes to compare and usually didn't give it a second thought when i did (before I bot the 09)..... a street glide and a road glide but they had a lot of extra stuff my FLHR doesn't.

  8. Jim B.

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    I second the recommendation of lowers. I went the hard lower option on my 09 Road Glide and it significantly reduced the amount of air coming up from below the tank. Soft lowers should do the same thing.
  9. Safehaven

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    I flip the chin guard of my helmet down, and if that does not help the visor.

    Got 2 helmets, one from the "roof" brand called "boxer V8" for cold, fast runs (lots of highways) Highly recommend this one, it's great. And the decals peel right off so that it's a flat black.

    Some product Shots:
    [​IMG] (not me)

    and an open face for when the weather is a bit better from osbe.
  10. Ole Dawg

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    :bigsmiley21: I have the same problem with mine. I added the chrome scoop under the triple tree but that didn't do anything. I used the soft lowers on my Nomad and they were the best investment I ever made. They were much more efficent in stopping both wind & rain than the hard lowers on my Ultra. I have spoken to many about this problem and to date no one I've spoken with has found a solution or met anyone who has. :newsmile07:

    I'll follow this thread hoping to see if there is a solution out there. :sd