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How to Make an Electraglide handle?


Good day everyone. This is my first post. I have a 06 electa glide classic. It handles very bad at speeds of 80 to 95. I live in Florida. The freeways and Turnpikes are flat , straight, open roads. Not like other parts of the country. Easy to glide along. I have been on bikes for 40 years , AMA rider. This is my first Harley. I love the bike, but it flex's in hard corners, and is wobbly. Do any of you have any additional help in handling, additionally to the following items I have learned.
I installed a True Track 3rd pivot point on the Trans. Every one of our bikes needs this. I added a new composite front engine mount. Took off the Dunlops and added stiffer sidewall and better compount Avons. I cannot afford the taller wheels and the short sidewall tires yet, helping to get rid of sidewall flex. Does any of you have any additional ideas or items I can change to make the bike track better. Yes have had the frame aligned. Only 5k on bike. I am taking off the electra glide fairing and installing a road glide front faring now. Any way thanks for ideas. Mike610

It doesn't sound like you addressed the suspension at all yet like replacing the oil in the front end with a heavier weight with an additional 1/2 ounce in each leg to stiffen things up a bit. Also the rear shocks could be replaced with better units like progressives for better handling. I have an 07 RK and no handling problems with it. I also went to the SE fork oil with the additional 1/2 ounce in each leg for a noted difference.

I believe your bike being the 06 has the conventional forks on it and not the one cartridge in the left side so the oil replacement should be easy.

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Thanks for the suspension tips. I am not sure why changing the oil in my shocks will help my high speed movements of my bike, but I will do so this week. I used to do that on my motocross bikes, but to better absorb impacks. I will call Race Tech tomorrow and ask them about their front fork kits. You said to look into the progressive shocks. With the heavy electa glide and passenger , and changing truck loading, do they handle that better than the air shocks?? With the air shock you can adjust to loading. Again thanks for the info.
Hi guys Here is some input on the help you gave me. I had the alignment checked. All good. Bike always tracked straight , does not pull. Ran into a speed shop. They said the Harley rule of jacking the bike up. Letting the front end swing freely. Pull bars over and let them swing free, they should swing 3 times before centering. This does not work on high speed cruisers. They set up the bike to swing from left only exactly to center ( not past at all) then from right the same. Then heaviest fork oil they had. ( Which only slows down the changeing of the rake of the bike. Then going over max by 4 lbs on the Avon Venom's. Not pumping up the air shocks past 10 lbs even with pass. ( Rake again) Bike now tracks straight at 100 mph. Runs 85 to 90 without wobble. I see the issue as bike needs more rake to be more stable at higher speeds. Front end becomes more stable , because it does not drop ( reducing rake) as much. Passenger loads rear, lowering ( increasing rake) Stiffen front springs ( adding rake) Adding air ( reducing sidewall flex- movement ). Stiff front engine mount, TruTrack rear trans bracket. All helped. I was told to swap out air shocks with another set from another model - reduces rear height by 1 inch- was told it helps.
Any way , that issue is closer to being correct with my bike. This is what I did, one item at a tme. all helped together on my bike , for me. Thanks for your help. Mike