How to drain a crank case?

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    I have a 1985 FXR that has set up a while (6 months+) and the oil has leaked by the check valve ball and now has about a quart of oil in the crank case. In the past it has always cleared itself by dumping out (all over the engine) through the crankcase vent, but this time there is enough oil in the crank case that the starter cannot turn the motor to fire up.

    Any suggestions short of pulling the motor, removing the jugs and turning it upside down?

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
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    Pull the cam cover, it will drain all except a few oz in the actual crank area.
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    [​IMG] Take # 25 off, disable ignition , turn engine over with starter, the oil will spray out, clamp off the oil feed line from the oil tank first. Be careful when you put the plug back in it cross threads easy. Colony makes an Acorn nut to replace the stock nut. You will have oil on the RS of the bike unless you screw a hose in the hole the plug came out of after removing the screen #15, put the screen back in with closed end up with NEW O ring

    [​IMG] .375 ball bearing on end of push rod or any dowel rod and some valve lapping compound on the seat of the oil pump should solve your problem, replace the ball with a new one after cleaning out the bore and changing your oil. You may also give the ball a smack with a soft dead blow hammer to re seat the valve


    You can do this in the frame of the bike
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    She watched and learned for my Pan head and Shovel Head, never had the problem with the Evos, the oil tank was a better design