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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by cromwell, Dec 21, 2008.

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    Ok question. Had my bike in for its first, 1000 mile, service (09 1200c Sportster) and they tell me it is due back in 1500 miles. However my 09 owners manual states it is not due back until the 5000 mile mark. So which is it suppose the be? I had then use the full synthenic oil when they changed it. Is the dealer trying to pull a fast one on me???

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    The owners manual says 5000 miles I personnaly have never let it go that far,but I usually ride distances 2up. Regarding your oil choices and dealer servicing look through the forum,you will get an eye opener as to the oils available and their performance.

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    Oil change intervals in the owners' manual are guidelines. Many HD owners ask that the original "Break-in" oil be changed out as early as 100 miles, then 1000 miles and then every 3000 to 5000 miles after that, depending on how hard you ride your oil based on the following:

    1) Do not ride 30 mins or longer to fully get the oil up to temperature (evaporates condensation that causes sludge).

    2) Idle engine continuously for 10-15 minutes idling stopped or lug the engine in too high a gear and go rarely up to 55 mph or more, again for less than 30 minutes or longer.

    3) Run in high humidity or high temperatures for long periods of time.

    All these conditions age an oils, (though full synthetics tolerate this abuse better) so it is possible even a 1500 mile oil change could be a good thing. Rate your riding over verses the above conditions.

    Of course, many of us at HDT do our own maintenance, using full Synthetic 20W/50 in the Engine and 85W Gear Oil (non-Syn) due to better clutch performance w/Gear lube for combined tranny/chain case in your "2 fill hole" Sporty.

    Since we do not know if you have extended service/warranty benefits with your servicer, we cannot advise you as to whether you should take up their offer. Personally, if you trust them, and they do good work, by all means continue...but later on, I would consider getting the Service Manual and doing it yourself, there are plenty of ways to save money, yet support your local dealer(s) while having enough left over to improve your riding gear or add performance and bling to your ride! :D
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    Have you asked the dealer why he thinks you need more service than the owners manual sets out? What'd he say? I know this is a common scam at car dealerships.
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    Not yet, was in sticker shock when I got the $315 bill.
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    I think you should ask them what they're gonna do after another 500 miles. Also if you go back get a list what they do at every mile maintenance.
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    Some dealers go by their own list....the list in the owners manual or service manual is perfect, But if I'm paying someone to do something I want what they're reading so I can make sure they did what I paid for. DTA
    When I had my compensator come loose they tried to weasel out of the warranty work by saying that the compensator was supposed to be torqued at the 10,000 mile service.
    If you ask for their list from the service department specifically your less likely to be treated like a Schmo from a less than honest dealer.
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    As NEWHD74FAN's post indicates, much has to do with ride conditions and riding style when it comes to scheduled maintenance. Lubricant changes are critical in my case since most of my riding involves shorter trips in hot sometimes very hot conditions. The guy who got me back into riding has a Sporty also and his riding is similar to mine. So I have followed his lead. Which is change lubricants every 3K or every riding season. I put 2.5K on the new to me 95' XLH1200 and will change both lubricants and grease it after the holidays in preparation for the 09' riding season. In addition, my ride has a stage one filter (K&N) which I might clean and oil every 1500 miles or less due to the very dusty conditions here. So there is the ride conditions factor again. Since I have no warranty to deal with I can do all this myself, your situation is/may be different. When I first got this new to me bike, I had a local HD mechanic do a 5K on it less lubricants. He did a really nice job and the cost was $131.00. So unless there is a "problem" will have the 5K done every 5K and do the lubricants myself.
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    The basic maintenance isn't too difficult to do yourself. Get the service manual, Gary12580 can hook you up, check it out. I have been buying most of my supplies at the HD shop, but the engine oil I chose is usually picked up at Auto Zone, and my transmission oil is picked up at a local metric shop. I'm not sure what it is costing to get the supplies since I am buying the stuff for my bike & hubbies bike, but I can tell you that the bill for the supplies for both bikes is less than half of what you are paying your dealer. :s The self help section is awesome here, check it out.
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    I thought I had been had a little to the tune of $197 (including tax) from the dealer in Kansas.
    I will say so far I feel I've been treated pretty fairly there. They've done a couple things for me that weren't scheduled, were fairly simple - I was told "that was easy" and was not charged. One was a cracked reflector broken accidentally. Wasn't charged for the part either. I know the reflector wouldn't cost much, but they could have made a few bucks from it.
    They'll do the next service - except for the fluids.

    I think $315 was kinda way too much.
    Sorry, I got off on a tangent.