How much does your HD dealer charge?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by ridinmarilyn, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. ridinmarilyn

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    Just wondering how much does your local dealer charge to change and put on front and rear tires? I'm gonna put 2 new tires on and I want to see if the price's are around the same. I have a 07 sportster:D
  2. chopper75

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    charlies hd in huntington wv. charges 74.00 a hr.
  3. TQuentin1

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    The Dealerships around me USED to charge me 1/2 hour service charge to mount and balance the tires I brought in with my wheels. But they have implemented a new policy in this area, and will not use rider supplied parts not bought through the Dealership's parts department.

    So I buy my tire from The Motorcycle Superstore and take them to a metric cycle shop for mounting and balance. Last time, they charged my $30/wheel plus tax.

    Cruiser Touring Motorcycle Tires at Motorcycle Superstore

  4. RetiredJake

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    I couldn't stand the price the dealers were charging. I buy my tires from Jake Wilson and mount them myself.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Chopper75 and TQ have you covered. The key is you have choices, if you are trying to establish a relationship with your local dealer, tires is a good place to start. They know MSRP, they also know they can give you a 20% discount on parts so by the time your through that $74 per hour is worth your piece of mind and that relationship. They would have also loaded it up on a flat bed and hauled it in (free one way). So how cool is that?!! :s

    But TQ is correct also, when I changed tires on my Katana, it was $110 for Dunlop D205 Radial tires for the front 110 x 80 x18", $130 for the rear 140 x 80 x 18mm, install and balancing was free cause I bought 'em there. New premium rubber for under $150 if you carry in is an astounding deal. All you need is a service manual and carefully thought out game plan. :D
  6. david26

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    If u r lucky u can find a dealer that is doin a special and they do the labor for free. Republic harley been doin free labor and 20% off the cost of the tire for dang near a year now I have had them do 2 rear tires and on front 1 in the last 8 months.

  7. orourcs

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    The dealer close to me wanted $100 for rear and $85 for front. I found a bike shop in Columbia, TN that did a great job for $100 for both tires. I bought both tires from Motorcycle Superstore for $212 delivered to the bike shop. All said I changed both tires for $312 total. I simply can't afford to have work done at the dealership.
  8. BeachJeep

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    I just priced the front fot my RK got a price of 324$ --- 90$hr labor 202$tire 27$tube 14$for a lineing plus tax! SO I went to a local Indy shop 180$ out the door.... I would shop around if I were U.. My dealer was Myrtle Beach Harley.
  9. IR Rick

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    when i had my front tire replace it ran me $275, At Salem Harley,
    Then one of the Bro's went and had his front tire replaced off 2009 UC over at differant HD dealer, He had about the same miles on it, but the Dealer replaced under Warranty,
  10. DakotaRob

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    I checked with two dealers about replacing the rear tire on my E Glide. Both wanted $195 for the stock HD Dunlop tire. One dealer said $70 to install the other said $100.

    Found an independent shop who carries HD labeled Dunlops...$194 total out the door. And he let me hang out in the shop and watch him do the work.