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    I'm on my 2nd HD & in just under 2 years on this bike I've got 25K plus. I have several trips planned this summer to include Sturgis & anticipate racking up the miles. I see posts from several members about how they have had their bikes for 30 years or more, but what's missing are the average miles ridden a year and/or the total miles on the bike. Has there been an engine rebuild? Guess my point is, with religious services, how many miles can I expect to get on this air cooled 103? How many miles do you have on your bike without any major internal engine repairs? Curious about those high mileage bikes out there & for the real enthusiast, what secrets do you have that will help me add up some miles before a rebuild?
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    I have had three touring H-Ds, a '92 flhtc 78k, '01rk 88k, '06flhtci currently 62k, none have had any engine work. I change the oil every 3,000mi., I use 20-50 conventional.
    The first accessory put on each bike was an oil cooler. Still riding the RK and FLHTCI.
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    I have a 01 SuperGlide. I bought it in 08 and it had 20K on it. Now I have 114K on it. I put about 25K a year on my bike. The only thing I have done engine wise is changed cams (S&S 510 gear drive), high flow oil pump and cam support plate and adjustable pushrods. I'm getting ready to put the 97 CI big bore kit and S7S heads on it in about another month or so.
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    Thanks for the search... I'm still figuring out how to use tapatalk on my iPad, and having difficulty with searches...thank you

    Just read all the pages from the post BikeSAG linked to...seems there are a few well over 100k without any problems...that's the info I was hoping to hear...looking for anybody with a 103 over 100k to see how this engine is holding up, especially since the addition of the oil cooler...thx

    Forgot to thank 01rk & 01dynaglide..appreciate the data
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