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How many miles on your 07?


I have 7800 miles.
Its almost Dec. and I,m ready for next years riding season already. I ride when I can in the winter but that don,t translate into much saddle time. Living in the Pacific NorthWest puts a damper on all year cruzn. I got my 07
FLSTC soft tail Classic in Jan of 07 and now have 7800
miles on her. I,ve had it serviced regulary and swicthed
the engine oil and tranny fluid over to red line at 5500.
I have a Temp gauge and she runs 10-15 degrees cooler
and she shifts remarkly easier and quitier. I can hardly detect any 1st or 5th gear whine anymore. The only problem I have had with the bike is a factory defect,
The exhaust gasket was crushed when they put the pipe on at the factory. Other than that shes a fine bike that I enjoy cruzn:42::OREGON
Have a nice cozy warm winter
I bought my 07 Ultra in March and have 14500 miles on her. I just love the hell out of her. Being in Dallas, I can ride all but a few weeks a year.
I picked mine up in May and have just over 11,000 miles on it. Love every mile!!! We are getting dumped on up here in Spokane, so maybe in March, I can start rackin up some more miles.
Picked up my 07 in Oct. Subtract a month for family vacation & a month and a half for major engine work (an elective operation), I know, sounds like a soap opera.

I have 8355 miles.

This week I still have planned:
San Diego to Clovis for HS Wrestling Tournament. I will be camping with the wife (working on the load for Sturgis this summer).
HOG Chapter ride in San Diego.