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How many hours a week do you spend cleaning your bike?


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I usually spend an 1/2 hour after each ride debugging the bike. Twice a week for a full wash and wax. Plus I have a secret weapon, every time the little woman wants to go for I ride, I just say it would be embarassing cause it's dirty, Presto, one clean bike and she gets the hubby stamp of approval. Will never admit she does a better job.
how many hours a week?? let's see if i can figure this out... last time i cleaned it was, uhhh, november, i think. no wait, maybe it was july. i'll split it and say september. so, september until now, maybe sixteen weeks... when i did clean it, i might have spent about four hours. (when i clean it, i like it to be really clean!!!) four divided by sixteen works out to about fifteen minutes a week. wow - that's more time that i thought... cool...
i have to agree with anarchy. last time i really cleaned my bike was probably july. course mines flat black for a reason. i guess i would spend more time cleaning if i had the time...
After a ride unless its very late ..I hose her down (the bike that is )..then wipe her down with a Streak-Free Micro Fiber cloth....take about 30 minutes...De-Bug the windshield 4-5 minutes. When I wash and wax it at least twice a month..bout 2 1/2 to 3 hours...maybe a little less (time flys when your havin )..this includes polishing and waxing the chrome...
My EG is transportation meaning that it gets ridden almost every day. It also means that it gets a bit dirty. If I cleaned it every time I ride I wouldn't get much else done around here. I will hit it with some Protect All and an old flannel shirt to get bugs and light stuff off. If I get caught out in the rain, like today, and the bike gets road grime on it I'll do a better job once it stops raining. But to answer the original question...I probably spend about an hour a month cleaning the bike. It's my ride, not a show bike.

this is the best way I've found to get mine clean.....we were sittn' in the bar drinkn' beers while they were washn' up the bike.:bigsmiley16::cheers they even had cameras set up outside with a tv in the bar so we could watch em' wash em'...


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