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How many have changed their stock seat


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I had to change my stock seat because it just wasn't what I wanted,, has anybody else done this also?
Howdy TC

I still have the stock seat. I tried the sundowner on mine but it raised me up higher than the stock even thou it was more comfortable. I removed it and went back to the stock seat.

Got any Pics of your bike?
Which bike and how many times, would be a better question.
I have 5 seats for 06 and newer Dynas, 4 for first gen FXD, 4 for my old 67 (including 1 hand stitched by Mr. Corbin before Corbin was a company) and 9 custom pads for different race bikes I've had over the years.
That's just one of the Cool things about Harley Davidson's, There is or can be made a seat for any use. And no one seat is best for all riding styles, people or distances.
On the new FXDIs I like a Badlander for Hot Rodding, Riding the Mountains or Waterhole cruzeing (i.e. picking up chicks for a ride around the block on my "trick Pony"), a 1 up Danny Gray on the BBB for Racing or Showing off, a 2 up Sundowner for Traveling, 2 stock 1 ups that came on the bikes and a Mike Wilson Stingray for show.
More or less the same with the other bikes, a seat for every ride and a ride for every seat.