How I broke my drive belt

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by brt650, Dec 3, 2010.

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    How long does a drive belt last I wondered? I found out how to bring that question to an answer.
    1996 FLSTC 83,000 km's. Original belt.
    One idiot owner that decided to race the little black dog at the end of the gravel driveway. I saw this day coming. I hate giving in to the little black dog. He makes me ride ever so slowly in the loose gravel that covers the bitumen.
    So on this sunny afternoon after visiting my riding buddy, I rode ever so slowly down the gravel road to the house the little black dog lives in. I saw him coming and I thought ,stuff it I'm going to beat you this time. I dumped it in first ( wheel spin and dust) then hit second (wheel spin and dust) then noise and nothing. So I coasted down the hill to hide my shame from the little black dog's owners.Looked under the rear of my bike and I had snapped the belt.Bugger I thought
    Then I pushed my bike ,stinking hot afternoon, about 1km back up the hill past you now who to my mates farm.
    Moral of this story. Just ride slowly when little black dogs come running.
    P.S.The bike is going again -new H-D belt and 6 speed gearbox the go with it.
    Test ride today. Hope it doesn't rain. Hope I have passed on a valuable lesson.
    Cheers brt650:D
  2. dbmg

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    To let a little black dog beat you. Come on....:( Is it not funny how things happen sometimes. You can't be to hard on your bike for the belt to last that long. Maybe you picked up a piece of gravel causing belt to break.
  3. fisherman124

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    did the dog come out and walk with u down the road lol
  4. dbinbc

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    83,000 km is only 50,000 miles. Thats not actually very much distance on a belt but if the belt was original and therefore from '96 it was definitely getting very old and probably dried out and cracked. Better to have it break at the mercy of some dog than while some cage was breathing down your neck out on the highway somewhere.
  5. brt650

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    Oddly enough the dog didn't come out to see me past. Probably could feel some sort of tension coming from me. LOL
    The belt does look like a bit of gravel has helped it snap. I'm not worried at all. I've only had the bike for 14 months and now I don't have to worry if it's getting near it's used by date.
    I'm also gratefull that in this instance the belt was sacrificial. Otherwise a wheel stand as I hit the tar wouldn't have been too pleasant.
    As far as the dog goes. I'm not riding up to my mates place again. So in this instance the dog wins.
    P.S. It's raining so no test ride to see if the trans works. I have had it through the gears on my lifter and no problems. Maybe the sarvo.( afternoon) :)
  6. SirDimsdale

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    SOooo BRT650, what's the verdict??? I hope you're happy with your fix. Sounds like that little black dog has got another date with fate. Give it your all.
  7. karlsbike

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    Hey BRT
    I agree with the others - you can't let that little rodent win;)
    I've got all the guts of my scoot sitting on my bench, considering my options. One is to install a 6-speed unit, so I'm very keen on hearing your experience with one.
    A few questions, though:
    Ratios - do you know if your primary ratio is 25/36, and secondary is 32/70? The 70 tooth rear wheel sprocket is typical US spec, while int'l models often are 61.
    Tranny - is it a 6th gear .89 overdrive unit with a tall 1st you've got?
    Mechanically, overdrive is less efficient than the direct 1:1, but I am not sure if it is noticeable in practise. Since the overdrive trannys have 1:1 5th gear, keeping the gearing stock gives the 6th as a pure bonus. So one could lower the gearing a tad, to gain some acceleration while the 6th would take care of cruising rpm...
  8. pdfiddler

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    Dat There Is Da Debil Dog.
  9. brt650

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    I rode the bike today.I fitted the Ultima 6 speed. Complete tranny. I have 32/65 gearing on the rear and I know my drive/crank sprocket is 25.
    I rode the bike in the Christmas toy run here in Newcastle today. It's definetly taller in first gear. The box is a little noisy in fourth but getting better.Also the shift is a little tight.But overall a great addition to the bike.
    I had to buy the Dakota digital speedo correction device too. It makes correcting the speedo real easy.I fitted a four piston front calipher this afternoon too. Haven't ridden it yet though.
    I believe 6th gear is .86 and shifting into it above 100kmh/60 mph is best. The bike is so smooth it's definetly worth doing.the bike is standard and I don't know how much power this box is good for.But value for money for sure.
    The DOG. Ummmm. It's not his fault. He doesn't come out on the way there. Just when your leaving. He might need balancing. Maybe a little lead in one side of his head. Nah I'm only kidding all you dog lovers. I'm just not going there.
    Thanks for the advice too.:)
  10. Iceman24

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    50K on original belt..I'd say you got your money'$ worth. Now it's time to show the little black dog who's boss...;)