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How does the VTX compare to a Harley?


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My son is wanting to get a bike now. He's 25 and single. I know the Harley would get him more chicks, but what about a VTX? I know this is a Harley forum but some of you guys probably know a lot about a lot of different bikes. He really can't to spend a lot and he thinks he would get more for his money if he went with the VTX. Can you give some input on this? Pros and Cons of going with either a VTX or comparable Harley.
If he really can't afford to spend much and doesn't have any or much riding experience, I'd suggest getting a good, used metric bike for a year or so. Not too big, not too small.
Great tips on buying a used bike in the Quick Tips at the top of this page. You really don't want him getting too serious with any "chicks" who are solely impressed with his Harley, do you?
Well, he bought the VTX 1300 today. It is a 2006 with 8500 miles. It has V&H pipes and the carb has been jetted. Also has the windshield option. He got it for $7,700 from a HD/Honda dealership. At least it was connected to HD in one way.:bigsmiley11:
It should be a good bike for him. I have an 1100 Honda shadow with 70,555 miles on it. It's a 1997 and still a very good running bike. The only thing I ever had to do to it mechanically was change the stator at about 60,000. I was looking a the 1800 vtx before I bought my 2007 FXST and probably would have bought one if Harley hadn't made all the changes on the '07s. I fell in love the with the the new Softail Standards the moment I laid them and the VTX was out the window.
I had a 1300 S VTX for two years and 27k miles before I bought my Superglide. The VTX was well constructed, smooth running, consistent and reliable, and it generated a fair number of complements. There are three models, the C is the sportier one, the R and the S are identical except for the cast vs. spoke wheels.

Honda did not spend any more money on the design or construction than they had to, so consider the VTX to be an entry level cruiser. There is a lot of chromed and painted plastic where a Harley would have metal and some shortcuts made in construction, such as cast triple trees and fork braces instead of solid, flange on the tank instead of rolled, fragile electrical plugs, and so forth.

The one issue that I didn't like is the need for a valve adjustment every 8k miles. Have you ever looked for a 4 mm wrench?

I also kept looking for a 6th gear as the engine seems wound pretty tight in 5th. Torque is good all the way up.

The primary factory issues are with the speedo and odo, which are off by 6-10% on every bike, and weak fork bearings. Honda does not consider either to be a factory defect and they do not respond to customer complaints. The speedo error, if it bothers him, is fixed with something called a "speedo healer" at a cost of around $100. The fork bearings are replaced with the roller bearings from either an 1800VTX or from "All Balls", a bearing company.

Operational problems revolve around added pipes and jetting issues, and attempts to improve the air intake. There is a vacuum hose that gets kinked easily that allows pressure to build up in the crankcase. The bike responds by blowing out a seal around the shifter; repair by pushing the seal back in, replacing the oil, and unkinking the hose.

Have him check Honda VTX Forum | VTX 1300 & 1800 . This is pretty friendly group with members always ready to help. The ongoing discussions revolve around the same issues as on a Harley site: which pipes to use, what oil is best, and the latest in customization. There are links there to a larger site and a tech section.

All in all, the VTX is a great bike for its purpose and one he should be happy with. Its probably not one he will ride for years and years but a good one within its limitations.

PM if you wish.
I think this is my first post here. I have been lurking around some tho. I ride an 07 Ultra and I still have my 05 VTX 1300C. The X is a very good bike.Mine has 16000 miles on it. We just do a lot of highway riding and the X was a little small for 2 up riding and strong winds. My wife really did get the worst of the wind in her face. The stock seat is only good for about an hour. I put a mustang seat on mine.

I'm getting older and wanted the comforts. I wanted a full dresser and I'm really liking my UC so far. I only got 2500 on it before winter storage.

I'm sure your son will enjoy the X, it's a good ride.
Guess this is a little late, since he's already bought the VTX 1300, but I would suggest the Honda Shadow Sabre over the 1300. Sabre is an 1100, and was the "hot rod" of Honda's cruiser line before the X came out. Very reliable bike, with lot's of accessories available. Sabre riders love them, and the basic maintenance is "gas, oil, ride". They have hydraulic lifters so you don't have to make adjustments, have similar power/weight ratio as the 1300, and make a descent ride for long distance touring. I know of one guy who does his iron butt rides on a Sabre instead of his Heritage Classic because the Sabre is much more comfortable. You can also get the Sabre cheaper than the X.
I have a friend that bought a VTX when what he really wanted was a Harley. It got him by for a while.Now he has a FLHT.. I hated riding behind him Loud but not a good sound, they dont fire the same and I`m not gonna explain that . My only comment is you did the right thing buying a used one They lose value pretty rapidly and the day will come it almost always does when he will buy what he really wants instead of what he thought he could afford......Thats when you realize Harley`s are not as expensive as they look..:44: