How do you set up a Mikuni HSR42

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by groceryjunkie, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. groceryjunkie

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    Hello I am wanting to change my stock CV carb to a Mikuni HSR42 but I hear they are a :devilto set up. Is this true?

    OR can someone recomend a better carb that will perform as good as the Mikuni?
  2. Doc 1

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    The CV carb is the best carb you can have on your street bike, it's very easy to dial in and it gives the best cylinder fill through out the rpm range. If you want more fuel for the or better throttle response from the CV install the DynoJet kit for $75.00....this kit will provide a new slide spring for throttle sensitivity, main jets, adjustable needle jet, drill bit and screw to remove soft plug to access the idle fuel mixture screw, drill bit to enlarge the slide vacuum hole for faster slide operation, and instructions....all you need to improve tis kit is a 46 to 48 pilot jet for the Twin Cam or 45 pilot jet for an EVO. This kit will take the government out of your carb and give you better performance but beware the jet sizes to start with in the instruction sheet are just that....get it dyno tuned for all 3 circuits.

    The Mikuni is a great carb too but it does have it's draw backs like; slide noise, 5 circuits to adjust, cost, and tuning. Here is a site for your viewing, I'm sure there are more out there too.

    Mikuni American Corporation Tuning Guide - Common Tuning Issues
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    I agree with Doc here on the CV carb. Hard to beat that one and can be set up very easily too.