How do older turn signals work

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by Mikeycoyote, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Mikeycoyote

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    My turn signals only stay on if I hold in the button. Is that normal?

    I have an 86 FXWG that I am working on. I posted here because, although it's powered by an Evo, the rest is very much classic. I've got a wiring diagram and there is no indication of a turn signal controller. So I imagine it's all controlled by the flasher and switches. Do the turn signals normally stay on with these machines or do you have to hold down the switch to keep the lights blinking?

    Oh BTW I've got the shop manual. Not much help there. They literally devotes a whole page to change the bulb. No troubleshooting at all.
  2. dodge606

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    yea its normal. i have an '88 softail custom and its the same way. there were 2 yrs. when they did that. you can change them out with newer ones up to '95. they work the normal way, but you won't have the self cancelling. just push again for off.
  3. Breeze3at

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    Badlands makes a plug in module that keeps the flashers on for a set time. I put one on a '87 Sportster and a '89 FXR, worked ok. I think any aftermarket supplier like J&P & Dennis Kirk has them. Probably about $50 by now.
  4. FLST

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    Nice thing about the older Harley's is that you can't forget to turn off the turn signal because your thumb gets tired
  5. ProF

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    My 86 FXRS came with the hadda-holdems but I got the stayins at the dealer. At the time, the dealer told me only the cop bikes came standard with the stayins. Pretty easy to change them, though.