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How comfortable is the Deuce?


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Hi all,
I have been giving some serious thought to getting a new Deuce.
Is the bike comfortable to ride.
Do you harve to be tall with long arms to enjoy it?
Any input would be appreciated.
Depends on your riding style. For each of us its different. I would suggest that before you buy, you test ride a demo or rent one for a day. This will give you the only opinon that counts....YOURS!
I cant say too much but I am sure you will get answer when 04DEUCE (GW) write story about riding experience with his new Deuce.

Purchased 06 Deuce back in October. I'm 5' 6" and average length arms 32". Bike fits good. No need to stretch out, forward controls fit perfect. I have changed a few things. I put heel rests on rider footpegs and changed the seat to badlander(leather). I am considering changing handlebars with more rise and pullback for style and added comfort.
My wife has an 07 and it is awesome! So feel like you are in the bike rather than on it like my fatboy.
I'm 6 ft and my wife and myself fit on it real well and it rides great also. Haven't been on a real long ride yet but did put over 200 miles one day and it was great. Thinking of putting some extended fwd controls on just so my legs can stretch a bit. Hope this helps some and good riding!!!!
I've owned 8 other Harleys and am 6'3",210 so custom fit each one to fit me better. My 2007 Deuce is great for @300 miles after seat,handlebar change and 3" forward controls. My riding is typically 100-200 mile runs so it's great. If you are going to do mostly long runs...fatboy or something similar will probly be better. :D
The handlebars that came on the 02 Deuce as well as the 06 that I ride now make it uncomfortable on any extended ride. I am about 5' 10" and I have to lean over too much which makes my back hurt after a while. I liked the buckhorn bars that was on the 1996 Softail springer. That is the feeling that I prefer. I have a HD Badlander seat and it is more comfortable that the original or the Corbin that I had. The bike rides good, but it is more of a sport bike rather than road bike and you pay the price in comfort.
Have an 05 Deuce w/16 inch apes. Rides well for distances I have travelled. No long trips, but when I do something longer, will probably need to stop and stretch every 2 to 3 hours anyway.