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How cold...

For me it never really get's too cold to ride....Well maybe 0 deg F. How cold it is does however limit the distance I'm willing to ride.
I would have to put the cutoff line at about 40*. Below that it isn't a pleasure to ride anymore.
I live in the mountains so unless there's ice or snow on the road I ride. If the weather is to bad for a street bike there's always the Quad.
Wow:shock Hobbit that's not too cold, thats WAY!!! to cold, I'll ride in the cold weather but if there's moisture in the air I'm kinda leery :x . I did ride through a snow storm ones coming out of Yellow Stone park, It was mid Sept. but it sure was snowing. The only reason we kept going is cause we were going down the mountain and it was the only way to get out of the snow.
Hey Gang!

My winter storage is taking her out whenever the sun is shining and the road is dry. Of course I dress for the chilling ride. In the winter I use my car for driving 60 miles a day to work. With my wind sheild I use an open face helmet goggles and a face bandana, as long as your rolling you don,t fog up. If you have to use a bike for transportation in severe wheater, prepare to use your feet starting and stopping, avoid speed on corners, avoid quick manuvering
and be prepare to use your front wheel as a rudder in ice and snow:sd.
Wow PC!
That made me feel worm. 40* here and was a nice ride in, the time change is great in the am,:) Now I can see those darn deer hangin on the side waiting for us to come along. I think it is there way of getting back at me spoken them in the tree stand! Now I know how they feel when I put the sites on them!:lero
Thermometer reads 33 F this morning and I will climb on for ride to work. Ride home at 50 F will be worth it. However if it is below freezing and any sign of moisture, forget it, it wouldn't be worth the risk. Getting caught in it, and perservering, is one thing, choosing to go out in it, is foolishness! RIDE SAFE, Don't be a statistic!!!!:s