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    Thank you to all the good advice I recieved from my last post about my 84 IRONHEAD. My problem is now broken down to electrical. Is there anyway I can test the regualator, coil and ignition moduele to find out which one needs to be replaced? If so how?
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    What is the specific problem? Not charging, misfiring, won't start?
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    Indeed more info needed:s
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    The Coil can ohm out but that doesnt always mean its good ..regulator the same .. but you have to have something that lists the values it should be between
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  5. old 84

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    The engine backfires with flames out of the carberator. You have to constently give it fuel to keep the engine running while it still continues to spit and backfire as earlier. It was riding and running well then rhis problem started and it continued to spit and backfire more frequently until now where its' not driveable.

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    Old 84, welcome to the HDTimeline forum. The problem you say occurred rather suddenly and got worse. My first thought is fueling...did you pick up some bad gas, what does the fuel tank, lines and carb look and smell like. The tell tale sign of gum, varnish, bits of fuel tank liner or rust could be obstructing things. I would think simple first...electrical can be expensive...having a service manual and browsing through our SELF Help section via the tab near the top of this page could help you narrow things down a bit. :s

    Look here for some assembly drawings to help you...if you don't...

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