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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BDC 21, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Searched many post here and didn't find exactly what I was looking for so.....Wanted to see if any fellow members had a mechanic in the southwest Houston area they would recommend. The dealership I bought my 2011 Street Glide from kinda gives that "I'm just one of the faces in the crowd" feel and one of the smaller dealers on the 288 south side was better but I don't know anyone that has had work done there so I'm still looking for that place I get the right vibe from. Looking for a place that I can trust to treat my bike right and not just another job to clock hours on.

    Right now just thinking about a bar swap and maybe a cam, exhoust change out. While I could probably do the work myself I don't want to void the warranty so that as me searching for a shop to work with.

    Thanks for any info you can share.
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    Not sure exactly what you are looking for. With an '11 bike, you need someone that can do warranty work in terms of any mechanical stuff. For the normal maintenance work, buy the HD Factory Service Manual covering your bike and year and do that work yourself

    Republic is in Stafford or Sugar Land. San Jacinto is over East on the Tollway. Mancuso and Stubbs are on the Northwest side (290) and Southside (Telephone Rd.) respectively. GOE is down in Angleton.

    One of the good old timey wrenches in our area is off I-10 around Wirt or so. Go talk to Jett at Full Throttle.

    I am afraid I am not much help since I do most of my own work.

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    I do 98% of my own work, I don't like changing tires so I farm that out.
    I have used Republic (Stafford) HD on a few occasions tires and warranty work.

    They are top shelf with customer service. Felipe is the service manager call him up and see what kind of vibe you get from them.
    FWIW they are one of two local dealers open om Mondays
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    I give another thumbs up to Republic harley they have done all my warranty work. The service manger Felipe has always been willing to do the road test every time I have had issues with my bike and speakin of tires they r still doin the 20% of the tire and free install. And if u need parts good guy to talk to is Walter in the parts department he hooked me up with quit a few good deals on things others have ordered and never picked up and things like that.
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    +1 on Republic HD, they used to have a pretentious nature (about 2 years ago), they have really straightened that out and are the place to go on the SW side, plus they came through for TQ.

    GOE (Angleton) has that family owned and hands on feel, but are 1-1/2 hours away. Great sales rack for heavy jackets.

    Mancuso & Stubbs seem to be more corporate, the few times I've been there but it wouldn't be fair to say for sure (I've heard of customer complaints along those lines also).