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    Well, I did some research and purchased a Rockford Fosgate punch 300x2 amp to drive my fairing speakers. Mounted the amp in my fairing like RF suggested I do. Went for a ride about 2 hours and returned home. This amp gets so hot that it distorted my fairing. I have a Reckless fairing that I love, now the top (above headlight) has waves in it. My neighbor came over, we took the fairing apart and ran the stereo. She got up to around 130 degrees. There is no air movement inside fairing, and I don't really want to cut holes in her. I was hoping someone else on here can suggest a cooler running amp that's small that I can still get the power out of and not ruin my fairing.:small3d023:
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    good choice with rockford fosgate i have the 1000 watt one great. u should get enough air flow from under the fairing not to worry