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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by miuliani, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I have been searching for a post where someone listed how they used a mixture of 1x3's, 2x4 and a 4x6 to prop the motorcycle up to change the oil. I used it but forgot it...would anybody be able to point me in the right direction. I remember that it was 3 1x3's under the jiffy stand.
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    Thread the other end of the pipe, screw on a 45* street el and screw in a 6" nipple. Put a bycicle hand grip on the nipple and you won't crush your hand on the floor.
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    I have a awsome Idea for every one if you dont want to spend the money on a small motorcycle stand/lift. What I did was remove the old screw/sissor jack from a car at the junk yard, I drilled two holes in the top and screwd a 2x4x8in to the top. Once i have the forks straped down, I slide the sissor jack under the bike and turn the handle and the bike jacks up in the rear. Its better than spending 300 on a lift version of the jack.
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    Here's what I use to get the bike up a bit for oil changes...

    Get a 8 ft. piece of 2" x 6" wood stock or any scrap piece that will be long enough. Cut it into two 2 ft. lengths and then cut a small piece about 8" in length to place under the jiffy stand.

    Miter one end of each 3' length at a 45 degree angle across the width of the board (to allow the bike to ride up onto it when the board is laying down flat on floor). This will give you a 1.5 inch lift.

    How to use:

    Place each mitered end in front of each tire. Have the small cut piece ready to place under the jiffy stand when bike is on the boards.

    Carefully ride the bike straight up onto the two boards and get the jiffy stand under the small cut piece to keep everything at the same level.

    I use this method and it gives me plenty of room to change oil.
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    That's how I get my frame high enough to get my jack under it.