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    When I bought my 2003 Heritage Springer, it had some fishtail streight pipes on it with no baffles. I didn't like the way it popped and backfired so I put the stock pipes back on it, but never looked inside them. I had the same problem as before with popping and backfiring. I even replaced the exhaust gaskets and the intake rubber gaskets to make sure I didn't have any leaks. Last night, I put a flashlight up to the pipes and realized they are completely empty. I can just see some small strands of fiberglass or what ever stuck to the sides.

    What would you all recommend as a good baffle to put in the stock muffler? I would like a deep sound but I don't care about being really loud. Right now, they are so loud that I can't hear anything but the pipes.

    I have the Screaming eagle stage one download, K & N air cleaner upgrade kit, and the TFI system on it now.
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    If they are the stock mufflers, I doubt you'll find anything that would fit without some modifications to them. Stock baffles aren't made to be removed.
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    Do you still have the straight pipes? I assume the fishtails come off. You might find some after market baffles that will fit in the straight pipes. Or you might consider some anti-reversion cones. I run drag pipes on my '91 Dyna with cones. Check this out:

    Harley Exhaust Comparison

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    Great info and a good read. Thanks for that link. The straight pipes are small diameter and the fishtail end is all one piece. They are blued from heat and kinda ugly. The stock mufflers are large diameter and have the removeable tip, which is the fin that came on it. I really like the fin look and would like to keep it if possible. I have found some pipes that come with the option for changable tips, but I really didn't want to fork out the big bucks if I didn't have to. Maybe I should and just call it a day.

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    Easiest solution is to measure the inner diameter of the straight portion of the pipes you want to use, typically range between 1 7/8" to 2 1/4" or if the hollowed out muffler end 2 1/4 to 4 " and order replacement baffles of the correct diameter, which range in price from $13.00 to >$80.00 for pair. It will be really hard to find the "sound" you want, but it will make the straight pipes more quiet, poor low end performance & de-accel problems will probably reduce or stop :s

    You will have to drill a relatively inconspicuous hole in both pipes to bolt in the baffle, approx. 3-6" back from the opening using power center punch, short drill w/90 deg drill motor, lots of patience, magnetic long screwdriver and tape to get the bolt to line up & all the way thru, tighten the lockwasher & nut on the outside. Did I remember to say be patient?...Trust me, be cool...you will be fine. :57:

    If the previous owner did a partial Stage I, suggest you complete the rest, i.e. if the air cleaner is not stock, then you most definitely have to rejet carb and follow Gliders' & Hobbit's Tips regarding stage I mods, to check how you've done, complete doing fresh spark plug inspections/power "chops" to make sure all is well. Running lean with a partial Stage I is bad news for the longevity of the motor. Good Luck. :)
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    Well I broke out the plastic and purchased some Supertrapp slip-ons. Turns out they made the stock muffler for my scoot, so the tips fit right on them. What a huge difference! I can't believe how loud those old pipes were and now that terrible popping is gone!! :newsmile01: I re-tuned my TFI after a nice warm up drive and she's running pretty good. I can actually hear the engine run now while I am scootin down the road. Some of you guys will think they are too quiet, but I love being able to hear whats going on around me. I actually heard a cage rolling up next to me in my blind spot this morning on the way to work. :bigsmiley8: