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    My 1999 fxdx dyna has a holley carburetor which the previous owner clobbered up one of those hyper cleaners and put on it. And when I say clobbered I mean it in the truest sense. Have any of you Harley people run across one of these carbs? I think they only used it that year. What I would like to find is the proper air cleaner for it. Or at least the backing plate.
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    Thanks Jack, I think this is outdated. I called Holley tech and they kind of acted like they had never heard of this carb and assured me there would not be any parts available. The car parts store came up with enough pieces to redo the carb but I still need the air cleaner. Time to punt I guess.
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    Pretty sure that your bike was not fitted with a Holley carb from the factory; a 40mm Kiehin CV carb was the OEM carburetor. JMHO, but I would replace the Holley with the OEM unit. You can find a used on one Ebay for about $50.
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    I remember seeing the dual throat holley carb in the Screamin Eagle catalog. They were an accessory, none factory installed. The appeal was supposed to be they were an American made alternative to Mikuni. The reality is they were not a really good carb.
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    wow, another SE fail to add to the list.My DIY baffles from the SEII's outperform them in torque by a large margin, sound better, but just look a little busy with the horns protruding back into the bologna cuts.
    I've since switched to Patriot Defender 2-1's, but those pipes aren't that different; just a little different; that's all. I'll sell the old setup for $50 plus shipping and I definitely say they have a nice "pop", better torque, and are not really loud or quiet: your neighbors will still wave at you with ALL their fingers!
    Oh, the reason for just $50 is because the chromehas seen better days and less bootheel marks, most of which have been rubbed outl
    I'll take pics for those interested. Could gochrome or blak; eithere way.
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    I installed one or two Holley carbs when Harley came out with them back in 2001 or 2002 in their S/E accessory catalog and did get a 7 or 8 HP gain just bolting them on but they were a nightmare to tune. Even with a high dollar dyno and a few phone calls to Harley tech, no matter what adjustments I made there was always a bad spot, or maybe I should say a rough spot, could move the bad spot around with jetting and adjusting but it was always there, somewhere. That winter I was at the motor factory for a PHD course and talking with them I was not the only tech that had problems tuning them, they said they were taking them out of the catalog because they were just not a good road carb and had too many problems. The one thing that sticks in my head is I never want to see one again. Lol They might be alright for a race bike if you tune the morning of the race but not much of a carb for an everyday rider. If you want to keep the carb and put a good air cleaner on it you might have a local dealership search the dealer network to see if someone might still have a backing plate sitting around in their inventory for it. Other wise I'd recommend just picking up a good old CV carb.
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    Good info chopper and I had the same idea, just pick up a CV on ebay. Problem being that it seems to be running pretty nice right now and I am tired of working on this bike as I rebuilt it from stem to stern. I thought maybe I would machine an adaptor plate to accept a CV air cleaner and let it be someone else's problem. I do hate these trial and error situations that the co. can just dump on the public and say adios. Anyhow, thank you for the info.
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    oh no I just go a Screamin Eagle 2 Barrel Carb and intake I hope it dose ok seen a clep on youtube about 1 it said 30 to 40 hp gain out of the box ill let you know what I come up with