Hogtunes vs Boom! - The Real Deal

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ChristoHD, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. ChristoHD

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    I just installed the Hogtunes speakers in my 09's front fairing - wow what a diff.

    I spent the last coupla months reading through this ENTIRE forum, trying to decide WHICH speaker set and how much should I spend. Then I went to the various HD dealers in my area and listened.

    1st You have to understand what I have been used to listening to the last 10 years. Tiny small tinny speakers on my 1999 Yamaha RSV. Now for me, that was my first touring bike with a sound system, so it did not take much to please me. I had tunes, the bike was quiet, and I could hear them just fine. Not much bass and really no real volume, but they worked, I could hear music, and it was better then nothing. And I have been listening to an iPod for the better part of those years, so good digital source - not the cassette deck that comes in those bikes. I was in heaven, for the most part.

    So when I got my 1st HD last July - the stock sound system in my Ultra Classic was like I had just bought a Bose system - to me-IMO... but wait before ya'll start saying something... I really enjoyed the louder sound, better bass, better mid range and highs. I was happy. THEN, Of course I do what EVERY HD owner does - ya start tinkering - this SITE IS THE WORST - making me want to spend all my hard earned money an all... anyway I got the stage 1 from FM. Pipes have a tad more volume than stock, but they are not "loud" by any means - but you can hear me better now when I am coming and going. Now that changes some of the listening dynamics of what was a stock sound system - and what used to sound good... I realized that in order to hear my tunes, I had to crank it up a tad more (especially at HWY speeds) - and of course the sound started to distort, I just could NOT have that, no way. I knew that over this winter as I make my various mods - new speakers were also in my future.

    So we come back to this last month - again reading through this entire forum, asking questions, hearing about the J&M's, Hogtunes, Boom, Hertz, and every speaker in between....

    So like I said earlier, over the last two weeks I went into my local dealers and just listed to some of the bikes that had the Hogtunes and the Boom!s, and the J&M's...

    J&M's with an AMP, sound nice, but the price. Not gonna do it.

    So I wanted to stay in a budget and I really liked BOTH the Hogtunes and the Boom! and I felt both these were priced appropriately. I also spoke with the parts guys and the SM's at the various shops, they said they install more Hogtunes than anything else, and in 2nd place was the Boom!s for installs.

    Since to me - they both sound equally well - comparatively speaking and listening - I went with the Hogtunes, for two reasons - one was I wanted those cool HD speaker chrome doo-dads inserts AND the HT's were a tad cheaper.

    But to be honest, I could have gone either way.

    So anyone reading these threads like I did, and still in that "I can't decide" mode - you will not go wrong with either the HT's or the Boom!'s - direct replacements, no AMPS, and hands down they sound 100% better than the stock.

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  2. HDDon

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    Sounds like you really did your homework. I too bought the hogtunes and couldn't be happier with the sound quality.
  3. classicglide

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    I just bought a Hogtunes Ultra speaker system for my 09 classic.It comes with two speakers for the front with amp and the boxes for the rear speakers.They say to use your front speakers in the rear or theirs. I went with theirs and I also have the tweeter pod on the front. So I have all Hogtunes in my speakers. Will be installing them this weekend,can't wait to hear how it sounds.
  4. cheap80z28

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    i went with the boom speakers front and rear, no amp. being a chapter officer at the time I got a good deal on them and luv them lots over the stock....ooops, I also had the tweeter pod installed last year.
  5. Joyflyin

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    this SITE IS THE WORST - making me want to spend all my hard earned money an all...

    Just think of it like this, all that money this site saves you on general maintenance gets to go to the 'goodie' fund. :D
  6. Iceman24

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    Love my HogTunes & even better after installing speaker cones so the sound doesn't get lost in your batwing.
  7. Hoople

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    Off topic but I was on Main Street in Daytona this week and there was a bagger with a sub-woofer that "hit" like it was a pair of 12's in a Honda Civic. I did not ask the guy about the install but both side bags had to be customized with a pair of car sub-woofers in order to hit that hard.
    No joke,,,this thing hit like a low-rider cage at the White Castle.

    My real question was how on earth he managed to generate all the current needed to do it because it can't be done with a factory charging system. I was looking for a hidden extension cord coming out of the bike but did not see one.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    Now let me spend some more of your money - add the Hogtunes amp and tweeter pod and you'll be doubly amazed!
  9. classicglide

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    Installed my Ultrasound today.Already had the tweeter pod, now have Hogtunes speakers in front and rear with amp on front. This thing rocks.:D
  10. ChristoHD

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    Iceman - what are the speaker cones?