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  1. Hey guys, newbie to posting here, have been reading alot though, alot of(EDIT ) good information out there! So heres my question, I have a electra glide classic and have already upgraded the front speakers to hogtunes and it sounds great however I need more!:D I was researching and found that hogtunes makes a kit that adds speakers to the rear tourpack just like an ultra classic, has anyone done this install and is it worth it? I found the kit on ebay for 350 bucks shipped. Any replies would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome 05 - you may wanna take a read in the radio and communications section on this website. May be even better to post you question in that section.

    Take a look around at all the various sections this site offers...it'll make your head spin at first - but most of what you're looking for..can be found somewhere on this site -

    Communications And Radio - Harley Davidson Community
  3. Animal

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    Anything Hogtunes makes is good stuff as far as I'm concerned. My ears always hum now thanks to them, who would have thought 8 speakers on a motorcycle.
  4. dhorne

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    I got the 8 speaker set up on mu ultra and WOW is all I can say.. Pez is excellant to deal with ,you will not be dissapointed
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    You can add the fairing tweeter pod & amp to really blow your mind...;-)
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    I only have "Nag Tunes" thats when my wife is on the back :newsmile100:
  7. Dr Evil, my wife doesnt care to much for riding so Im usually riding solo. But thats o.k! I dont care much for "nag tunes"!! Iceman, I deffinetly think I will be adding the rear kit with amp and the tweeter pod, would all speakers be amplified at that point?? Dhorne, 8 speakers? Holy smokes! Must feel like you are at the concert!
  8. dhorne

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    I first changed out the 4 originals , then I added an amp and put two speakers in the lower fairings , the amp drives these , then I put the fairing tweeters , every addition was extremly noticable , everything very easy to install , again Pez is great to deal with , becareful of hogtunes on ebay , it seems the defective ones are making it there and hogtunes will not warranty them (as they shouldn't)
    Anyway at 80mph the stereo is a little over half volume and sounds real clear , at three quarters volume my friends riding behind enjoy the music

    05 electraglide , if you have lower fairing and no rear pizza box , I would recommend that you get the amp and put the speakers in your lower fairings as well as new ones in the upper fairing , you will not be dissapointed
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