Hog Tunes 2 or 4 channel

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 09blueflhtcu, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. 09blueflhtcu

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    I am changing my speakers on my 09 FLHTCU and I will be buying Hog Tunes and I think I want to go with an Amp, but I don't know witch one the 2 channel Amp or the 4 channel Amp. Need some input, dose the 4 channel make alot of difference or just a little, is the difference worth the extra money?
  2. motorted1

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    you need the 4 channel amp if you have 4 speakers
  3. flh canuck

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    For sure you will want to go with the amp. As already stated, you will want the 4 channel unit cause you have rear speakers. If you have any questions, give hog tunes a call or email them. They are pretty good about customer service.

    The speakers alone are an improvement but adding the amp really makes the stereo kick out some sound.

    I also got the tweeter pod for my bike. Super clean installation and it brings the sound quality up another notch.

    Never had tunes on a bike before getting my Electraglide Classic. Now I dont think I would want a bike without tunes.... :D